15% off mattresses, beds, and bedroom accessories from Naturalmat

Naturalmat are an organic bed making company based in Hammersmith.

Founders Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall set up the company when they were fed up with sleeping on synthetic mattresses when out sailing. Then when Mark had his first child and discovered there was no natural bedding on the market for babies and children, the nursery range followed. Based in Devon, where the beds are made, they have a huge showroom in Paddenswick Rd where you can try out a particular mattress in privacy, in a bedroom pod at the back of the shop and stay as long as you like. I guess if you fall asleep they consider it a success!

Naturalmat has been hand crafting organic mattresses and beds for all the family in Devon since 1999. As a leading manufacturer of 100% natural fibre beds and mattresses, each Naturalmat mattress is made by hand using the finest raw materials, from sustainable sources ensuring the least environmental impact.

Located on the banks of River Exe, their own purpose built factory generates green electricity to run the facility and keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. Naturalmat are pioneers in natural fibretechnology. Their unique handmade beds, mattresses and headboards are made from organic and sustainably sourced raw materials, all of which are biodegradable and comply with Fair Trade policies.

They only use the highest quality natural fibres, such as cashmere, mohair, horsetail hair, silk and bamboo. All their cotton covers and tickings are now naturally fire retardant and treated with a revolutionary natural anti-bed bug treatment. You can try their mattresses before you buy in their unique Sleep Zone located in the Chiswick Showroom, at 66 Paddenswick Road, where the sounds of Devon countryside and soothing Sleep Scent will relax your senses to prepare you for choosing your ultimate sleeping experience.

Offer: 15% off all mattresses, beds, and bedroom accessories for all the family in-store or online


Exclusions: Non-Naturalmat branded baby & child furniture
Conditions: Not in conjunction with any other offer


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