180 trees planted beside the A4

Another Chiswick citizen not known for her passivity is Karen Liebreich, who has just organised around 200 children from Falcons pre-prep school and Grove Park Primary school to plant 180 trees alongside the A4 on an unremarkable bit of ground that I hadn’t even realised was dignified with the name of a park – Harvard Hill Park.

The Woodland Trust donated the trees for free to Abundance London, who organised volunteers including local tree expert Steve Pocock, (pictured above right), to oversee the planting. Street artist Mark, who prefers to go by his street artist’s name ATM (also pictured) was eyeing up a bit of bare wall for a mural.

Karen, who trained as a horticulturalist, thinks there should now be a biodiversity audit of all our parks to provide the right habitat for wildlife, particularly birds. 

It’s a sobering thought that by the time the children who took part in tree planting on Monday are the same age as Jack Harries is now we may have gone past the tipping point at which it is already too late to halt catastrophic global warming. 

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