2020/21 – fans attending matches August update

More than 11,000 fans, including our Premium Seat Members, have now secured their seats in our new stadium. We can also announce that more than 10,000 of these seats are General Admission and Premium Season Tickets, in ‘The Dugout’.

The government has released initial guidance on planning for social distancing in sports grounds. This may, if all goes well, allow fans into our new stadium to watch games before the end of 2020, but this is yet to be confirmed.

We now know the first matches at our new stadium will be behind closed doors and, following that, the attendance will be restricted so that social distancing can be maintained. At this moment in time, government advice states that the earliest that fans could return to football stadia is 1 October. We are working through this guidance so that plans can be drawn up to get as many supporters as we can into our matches within the EFL and government guidelines. As with the five games missed at the end of the 2019/20 season, a plan is being developed for the 2020/21 campaign that delivers what fans want – access to The Bees – and minimises the need to issue refunds, helping to protect our Club. Further details will be announced in due course once we have greater clarification from the EFL and government.

Restricted access to games under a limited stadium capacity scenario will be given to 2020/21 Season Ticket Holders who have paid for their seats in full. We do not envisage the reduced capacity scenario enabling all 2020/21 Season Ticket and Premium Seat Holders access to the stadium for every game, therefore plans are being developed on the fairest way to admit our supporters on a rotation basis. Clearly the level of rotation will depend on the reduced capacity limits imposed on the Club.

A limited number of Season Tickets remain, and any new supporters who wish to become a Season Ticket Holder can reserve their seat but will be ineligible to attend our reduced capacity games.

We will be working through our Waiting List in sign-up order and, subject to availability, supporters will be able to pay a holding deposit for their seat. Once social distancing restrictions have been lifted and we can host matches at full capacity, the remaining payment will be due.

Our 2020/21 Season Tickets start from £419 Adults and from £74 Juniors. Full prices and more information can be found here.

Similarly, the very small number of fans who are yet to pay for their 2020/21 Season Tickets in full will also be unable to attend games in a reduced capacity scenario, unless these are paid in full by 31 August 2020. Please contact reservations@brentfordfc.com to make your final payment.

We appreciate and share your frustrations and can assure all supporters that more information about how and when fans can return to watching The Bees will be released just as soon as we can. As you will appreciate, many of the decisions impacting the return of fans are outside of our direct control and any resumption of football in front of fans will depend on EFL and government guidance.