2024 SW London Assembly elections: Green Party candidate Chas Warlow

Green Party’s candidate for the SW London Assembly seat Chas Warlow

It’s absolutely vital that the Mayor ramps up support for home insulation and renewables”

The Mayoral elections take place on Thursday 2 May. Sadiq Khan is defending his record, and up for election also are the 25 London Assembly members whose job it is to hold the mayor to account. The Mayor’s office and the London Assembly together form the Greater London Authority, responsible for transport, policing, planning, culture, environment, health, fire and emergency services and economic planning in London.

In the run up to the 2024 London elections, The Chiswick Calendar is interviewing contenders for the South-West seat, which covers the three boroughs of Hounslow, Richmond and Kingston.

Chas Warlow is one of five Green Party Councillors who made history to become the Official Opposition on Richmond Borough Council at the last local elections in 2021. He, and the “ambitious” Green Party are hoping to building on what they describe as their “impressive” electoral performances in London.

The Chiswick Calendar has tried to contact Chas and the Green Party on numerous occasions for an interview but have yet to secure one.

Chas has issued a statement on the WhoCanIVoteFor website about his candidacy platform, which is so far all we can report on for this series of interviews.

If we manage to interview Chas, this page will be updated.

Statement by Chas Warlow – Green Party

“I was elected in May this year – it was a huge moment for us collectively and I’m very proud of my colleagues and all our members who worked so hard to help us get elected. In my work as a councillor I’m focusing on pushing the Council to do all it can to help residents insulate their houses and install low-carbon technology like solar panels. As a group, we have been pushing for our Council to become a registered social landlord so that we can insist on the highest standards of energy efficiency of future housing.

“We’ve also made sure that our Council gives more help to residents on low incomes. Before I became an active member of the Green Party I used to be involved in a lot of community projects like a hydro power project on the River Thames, and running energy advice projects to help people save money on their energy bills andcut carbon emissions. I also ran projects to help residents in Lewisham and Greenwich get grant funding for vital upgrades to their insulation and heating systems. Now I work for a renewable energy company that installs solar pv and electric vehicle chargepoints.

“If I get elected to the London Assembly, I’ll use that experience to build better policy and better outcomes for Londoners. I’m focusing on these areas because I have knowledge and experience that would be vitally useful for our team of Assembly Members. It’s absolutely vital that the Mayor ramps up support for home insulation and renewables.

“I got into politics because I saw that we need a positive vision in government at all levels. In the Green Party we share a common purpose to build a sustainable way of life, to preserve the planet’s biodiversity and resources, to create a future for future generations. It’s that positive vision that people are crying out for – because we all know that time is running out. Please give me your vote in the South West constituency at the 2024 London Assembly elections.

“London Assembly Member and former co-leader of the Green Party of England & Wales Sian Berry has given this endorsement:

“Chas is a committed and multi-talented Green, with a fantastic way with words, a strong record of working hard as a councillor, plus real expertise in green energy and transport. We need to get more people with his kind of experience on the London Assembly in 2024 and I would love to gain him as a colleague.”