22,000 people in LB Hounslow still need to be shielded from Covid-19

Photograph: Anna Kunst

LB Hounslow has 22,000 people who still need to be shielded from Covid-19, according to Council Leader Steve Curran.

“I’m proud to say that across Hounslow most people have been following the rules, and I hope this will remain the case” he said. “We’re still in lockdown and it’s as important as ever to keep following the rules”.

In his most recent Covid-19 bulletin, he said there had been ‘around 240’ people who had died in the borough from the virus.

“We want to stop this getting any higher. Our number one priority in Hounslow has always been to keep people safe, particularly our most vulnerable residents. We take our duty to protect them extremely seriously, as should everybody”

The Council has published a list of ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ which you can read on The Chiswick Calendar website…

Changes to the coronavirus lockdown rules, as of Friday 15 May

The new guidance means you can now: 

  • Exercise more often – with members of your household, and with one person not in your household
  • Have a game of tennis – our courts will reopen, but only for singles games
  • Sunbathe and have picnics – with people from your own household or with one person not in your household
  • Play sports with members of your household and one person not in your household, e.g. knockabout football
  • Drive to the park – car parks will be open on weekdays, but closed on weekends to avoid overcrowding. Still walk or cycle if possible.

However, you must still keep 2m apart from anyone not in your household.

And, remember, don’t touch your face and wash your hands often, especially when you get home or go to work.

What you still cannot do: 

  • Use our sports facilities (except for tennis courts), children’s playgrounds and outdoor gyms. They will remain closed because of the high risk of cross-contamination
  • Use the toilets or other buildings. They will remain closed
  • Gather in groups and play sports with anyone other than those in your household and one other person
  • Use the car parks at the weekend
  • Let dogs off their leads

“There may be occasions where restrictions are frustrating or inconvenient to some. Please be patient with our staff and considerate of others. Our priority is trying to limit the spread of the virus to protect vulnerable people. We make no apologies for this” says Steve Curran.

Chiswick House & Gardens Trust has already amended its public notices to take a more lenient approach to keeping dogs on leads, softening it to:

‘when the estate is busier, we respectfully ask dog walkers to walk dogs on leads to allow the maximum room for others to exercise’.

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