By Rosie Leyden

The sun shone down on us – a group of 26 friends plus a one-year old – as we completed a running / walking / cycling relay of a total distance of four marathons last Sunday – the day of the cancelled 26.2-mile London Marathon.

Starting at Bushy Park, we wove our way through Isleworth, Twickenham, Richmond, Kew, Chiswick and Gunnersbury Park. We then passed our virtual baton on to other family members in Bedfordshire and Cheshire for the final stages.

It was our first ever social distancing running event. No real batons were passed, and everyone kept their two metres distance.

We achieved our fundraising target of £1,250. This goes to the Charities Aid Foundation, to be shared among UK charities, to help them to survive through the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Sad times, but a great day’s activity and entertainment.

The final stage was completed by one-year-old Anastasia who has recently learned to walk. She powered through the final 2.6 metre stage in a record time (for her) of 20 seconds, and to rapturous applause via a Zoom call of all the relay participants.