10% discount on all meditation and wellness courses for 2020.

Zen Maitri’s Natural Health Apothecary is ‘your hub for bespoke herbal products, consultations and transformative lifestyle practices’. An apothecary in the traditional sense, blending herbs and natural products on request to meet your needs, Zen Maitri also offers a blend of services. ‘Everything we do is designed to integrate and overlap, helping you manage specific health concerns and take proactive steps to support your wellbeing’.

The ethos of Zen Maitri is to approach medical problems from both a natural and empirical point of view. “Our philosophy is to integrate with and support conventional medicine” says Krishan (Zen Maitri co-founder), “not to work against it or develop a distinct approach from it”.  Krishan himself trained as a pharmacist as well as in natural health. You can read more about their philosophy here.

Zen Maitri is delighted to offer Chiswick Club Card holders an exclusive 10% discount on all of their meditation and wellness courses for 2020. 

These courses are made up of a single class per week for 5-6 weeks. Each course takes place in Zen Maitri’s serene studio in intimate classes of no more than 6 people.  

There are usually three courses running each month, including Introduction to Meditation (5 Week Course), How to Find Calm & Manage Stress (Six Week Course), and Sleep Better, Live Better (6 Week Yoda Nidra Course). 

They will be expecting to add Sound Healing and a new meditation course for confidence and self-esteem in the coming months. 

You can view all of Zen Maitri’s current wellness courses here.   

Chiswick Club Card holders can use the code CALENDAR10 at checkout to apply the discount. 

Address: 39 Turnham Green Terrace, W4 1RG
Phone: 020 8994 0798
Website: www.zenmaitri.com
Email: info@zenmaitri.com

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