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What happens when you come across a problem at home that your friends and family can’t help you with? HiiGuru offers On-Demand virtual advice from real-life ‘Gurus’ who have been vetted to make sure they have the right qualifications and experience.

Imagine, if you have a plumbing emergency, instead of Googling for ages or spending £100+ to call out a plumber the following week, you can connect with a plumber over video call instantly, and they can walk you through how to solve your issue, step-by-step. Not only is this beneficial for you, but also the plumber, who can save commuting time and earn money during their downtime. If you find after all that you need a house call, they can provide that too.

Suppose you’re having trouble getting your baby to sleep or feed. Would’t it be good to be able to just call up a Norland nannt and get their advice?

HiiGuru provides high quality, personalised advice across multiple everyday topics, including:

Home (for repairs and plumbing, interior design and cleaning)

IT (for IT equipment and networking support)

Baby (for general advice, sleep tips, lactation help, weaning, potty training and challenging behaviours)

Beauty (for skincare consultations and makeup tutorials)

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Go on to the website, select your category & guru. Book a session at a time that works for you and connect over Whatsapp or Zoom (your preference) to solve your problem.

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Learn more about how HiiGuru works here: www.hiiguru.com/how-it-works

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