72 billion litres of raw sewage poured into the Thames over three years

Image above: Scum on the water at Strand on the Green after heavy rain

Thames Water has put 72 billion litres of raw sewage into the Thames since 2020

Thames Water has pumped 72 billion litres of raw sewage into the River Thames since 2020. The figure was revealed by the Liberal Democrats who made an environmental information request.

In July, Thames Water was fined £3.3 million after it killed more than 1400 fish by discharging millions of litres of untreated sewage into rivers.

The site that saw the most amount of water pumped in was Mogden in Twickenham. Here, there were 17.1 billion litres of sewage discharged into the river. The area contains a nature reserve, rare wildlife and areas where people swim.

Theo Thomas, a London Waterkeeper Board member has said: “These figures reveal how much untreated sewage the Thames actually has to deal with.

“While there were fewer overflows in 2022, there was less rain last year. Bill payers’ money is being used to upgrade Mogden Sewage Works, which is very welcome, but Thames Water must use these monitors to prove that investment does reduce the volume of discharges.”

“Rip up” Thames Water and form a new company, says MP Munira Wilson

Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham, Munira Wilson is calling on the government to “rip up” Thames Water and form a new company. She also said the government should force Thames Water to “install new monitors which measure the volume of sewage discharge.”

She accused the government of “standing idly by whilst our rivers are poisoned and water firm execs pocket millions.”

Miss Wilson is referring to the Liberal Democrat revelation that reveals Thames Water paid their executives £2,415,000 in pay and perks last year. Company House records have revealed the country’s water industry paid out £10 million in executive salaries last year, the highest on record.

The Leader of the Surrey Liberal Democrats, Will Foster mirrored Munira Wilson’s words when he said:

“Our local waterways are being pumped full of raw disgusting sewage, all whilst the water firms hand themselves insulting pay-outs. The whole thing stinks. These salaries and perks have reached eye-watering levels, yet Conservative Ministers refuse to act.

“I was shocked that there was literally no mention of sewage in the King’s Speech.

“It is time to rip up Thames Water, so it no longer puts profit before the environment. The company is clearly not working how it should and is not listening to local concerns on sewage discharges.”

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