Chiswick artist wins National Open Art award

‘Church’, oil on linen, Marguerite Horner, 2017


Chiswick artist Marguerite Horner has won an award in the 2017 National Open Art competition for one of a series of paintings she made after a visit to the Calais Jungle refugee camp in 2014.

She won the themed category sponsored by MS Amlin insurance company for depicting ‘Continuity in an Uncertain World’ for her painting of the makeshift church built by Eritreans there.

Marguerite went to the Calais Jungle in 2014 with a group organised by the Comboni nuns, who are based on Chiswick Lane. They needed a driver and she had a car. She took lots of photographs and later decided to paint the experience for a one woman show earlier this year in Westminster called ‘Keep Me Safe’.

Lifting ‘the ordinary into the extraordinary’

After getting a degree in Fine Art, Marguerite trained as a scenic artist at the BBC and worked for many years as a commercial artist. She then did her MA and returned to painting with her own voice. She exhibits widely in Art Fairs and Group Shows, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and a string of other prestigious shows.

The art critic Lady Marina Vaizey OBE ( former FT and Sunday Times art critic and Turner prize Judge) says Marguerite’s paintings ‘Lift the ordinary into the extraordinary and the specific into the Universal’… they are about… ‘The life behind the eye as well as the life in front of it’.

She spoke to The Chiswick Calendar about the experience of visiting the Calais Jungle and about her work. See also Marguerite’s Facebook page.