A bark chipping bed you could sleep on

After last week’s shout-out for volunteers to help Kathleeen Healy and the regular volunteers at Dukes Meadows park, I am happy to report that loads of people turned up and the adventure playground now has such a deep and luxurious bed of bark chippings you would almost want to fall off the climbing frame just to be enveloped in its earthy bosom.

Teams from Chiswick RFC, Old Meadownians FC, Chiswick Labour Party and the Hogarth Club all turned out to help as well as many individuals. The action shot below (bottom photo) is Jo from the Hogarth Club, getting stuck in. Perhaps next year it should be a competitive event – wheelbarrow trundling with extra points for precision tipping.

Photographs: Kathleen Healy – Dukes Meadows Trust, Ursula Stanton, Serena Hall, Henry Brown, David Waller, Ben Moos-Golding and Mary Brown – Labour Party – Jo – Hogarth Club