A big thank you to Chiswick Calendar readers 

Presents stacked up at Outsider Tart

A huge thanks to Chiswick Calendar readers who made a bunch of refugee children’s first Christmas in this country memorable in a good way.

The owners of Outsider Tart, David Lesniak and David Muniz, gave Christmas lunch to some 100 refugees who are being housed in local hotels, including 25 children.

One of their regular customers Ray Elias put out a call for Christmas presents for the children and Chiswick Calendar readers responded, dropping off enough for the children to have four presents each, with three sacks left over which will go to other refugee children or to a children’s hospital.

“It went really well” David Lesniak told The Chiswick Calendar. They held a buffet style lunch on Christmas day so people could come and go as they pleased and eat at the cafe or take food away with them as they preferred.

They had invited refugees who the Home Office has housed temporarily in west London hotels, through the charity West London Welcome. There were several translators on hand but the language barrier meant communication was mainly in nods and smiles.

“You could tell how much they enjoyed it because the kids were playing and smiling. It was lovely to see” said David.

Image above: Ray gives a thumbs up to all the contributions

Ray set himself the goal of getting each child three presents, which he surpassed, with a total of 450 presents.

“I was shocked and stunned by the generosity of people in Chiswick” he told us. “People already on holiday, one in Poland, one in Switzerland, a couple in America even responded by buying toys off Amazon and getting them delivered to the cafe.”

He had a major task to wrap and tag them all, making sure all the children got appropriate presents. On the day, a family who go to Outsider Tart regularly went and helped out with the organisation.

Both Ray and the two Davids wanted to say a big thank you to Chiswick Calendar readers for their contributions.

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