A brilliant idea for solving some of the smaller problems in life

Sometimes you read about an idea developed by an entrepreneur that it’s hard to believe is not being done already, or you think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

Dara Chen, who lives in west London, has just set up a business based on such an idea. Her company, HiiGuru, offers clients advice virtually, in an online, On Demand, face to face exchange, with a range of experts in different fields.

It may be that the plumbing problem which would have cost you a fortune, had you called a plumber to visit the house at his earliest convenience in a week’s time, is something you could have solved for yourself straight away, with a little advice from a professional.

When stuck with a crying baby and at your wits end, imagine how useful it would be to have a Norland nanny just a Zoom call away.

Dara is offering Chiswick Calendar Club Card holders 50% off three HiiGuru sessions across any of the categories in which her ‘Gurus’ offer their expertise.

Problem solving ‘a grey area’

You can see the pitfalls straight away – how do you know you can trust this ‘Guru’? What if you’re not happy with the advice they’ve given you? What if, despite giving it their best shot, you still need someone to come to the house?

Dara has thought it through. Her Gurus (she’s American, so they’re ‘Gurus’ rather than ‘experts’, and Guru’s with a Capital G what’s more, as she’s very proud of her stable of savants) are well qualified and experienced.

She reviews the recordings of sessions, looks at client feedback and observes them working for about a month before she’s satisfied they can represent her.

She admits that advice is something of a grey area. What if the Guru says they’ve given you the right advice but you’re not convinced it’s the right advice or you didn’t find it helpful?

If you’re not happy, she guarantees your money back and she says all her clients so far have been 100% satisfied. If you need a home call from a plumber after all, and you’re in London, she will guarantee to provide the follow up visit. She reckons 80% people are able to solve the problem themselves with the right advice.

Talking to someone and maybe showing them the problem on your phone or webcam certainly beats trawling the internet for ages finding other people’s views on problems that are similar but not quite the same as yours.

What’s clever about HiiGuru is that it benefits the professional as well as the customer. Your expert can save commuting time and earn money during their downtime.

An interesting mix of expertise

HiiGuru offers an interesting mix of expertise born, Dara says, of her own experience. Raised in the US, she moved to Taiwan at the age of 12 and has worked in New York, London and Taiwan for big corporations including L’Oréal, The Body Shop and Reckitt. She moved to London almost nine years ago, planned on staying a couple of years, but found she liked it here.

She has always wanted to start her own business, so this year she’s gone for it. She started the business in March and so far she’s found that 40% her clients have used HiiGuru more than once and 17% use it at least once a month.

The categories she’s chosen reflect the issues she’s faced herself in finding a home and settling down and she says are typically the areas where people in their mid 20s to mid 40s, maybe also living out of range of helpful family, could use a bit of help.

Her Gurus provide high quality, personalised advice across multiple everyday topics, including:

Home (for repairs and plumbing, interior design and cleaning)

IT (for IT equipment and networking support)

Baby (for general advice, sleep tips, lactation help, weaning, potty training and challenging behaviours)

Beauty (for skincare consultations and makeup tutorials)

Club Card offer

Dara is offering Chiswick Calendar Club Card holders 50% off three sessions across any of the HiiGuru categories.


Tel: 07787 860 884
Email: hello@hiiguru.com


Go on to the website, select your category & Guru. Book a session at a time that works for you and connect over Whatsapp or Zoom (your preference) to solve your problem.

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