A Cat called ‘Brexit’

Did you see that the French Minister for European Affairs, Natalie Loiseau, has renamed her cat ‘Brexit’?

“He wakes me up every morning miaowing to death because he wants to go out, and then when I open the door he stays in the middle, undecided, and then gives me evil looks when I put him out” she wrote on her Facebook page. 

….and a dog called ‘Farage’

A wit on Twitter has now named his dog ‘Farage’ because it refuses to go out for a walk in the rain. We may or may not see him in Chiswick on Friday then, depending on the weather. 

His pro-Brexit march is due to assemble in Chiswick for the final push on Westminster at 11.30. Exactly where marchers will meet will be announced 24 hours before, but ‘The closest train station is Chiswick Park station’ according to the March to Leave website.