A new way to shop online but buy locally

Image: Weezy – grocery deliveries

Weezy, the ‘on-demand supermarket’, is expanding to Chiswick & Acton.

What Weezy does is to match customers with local providers, as well as wholesalers, without the consumer having to leave the house, or go on lots of different websites. Weezy has contracts with local providers, their staff pack up the goods in a local warehouse and deliver the groceries to you ‘within minutes’ by bike or electric moped – their promise is to deliver within 20 minutes.

They say they have ‘everything you need; from fresh fruit and veg to local meat and dairy, your favourite sweets, snacks and a tipple (or two) of your choice’.

The Weezy app is available to download on the App Store & Google Play

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Sustainable shopping – ‘last mile logistics’

The Chiswick Calendar has been approached by several companies trying out different ways of trying to capitalise on consumers’ desire to support local businesses, but without necessarily having to visit them old-style with a shopping bag.

Of the ones we’ve seen, this looks like the simplest concept, with the least effort required on the part of businesses. It remains to be seen what the balance is between products provided by ‘wholesalers’ and local shops and providers, but they have certainly been asking around, trying to find out who are the good local independent food producers.

They describe themselves as a pioneer of ‘last-mile logistics’, delivering high-quality groceries to wherever you are, in a matter of minutes. What’s good is that they’re not overlaying another long distance supply chain on top of an already crowded field, adding more containers and lorries into the equation. Their business model both supports local independent businesses, as opposed to undermining them by competing with them, and it reduces local traffic if customers can be persuaded to use the app rather than ‘just nip to the shops’ by car.

Products range from fresh produce, cupboard staples, pharmacy items, cleaning products, alcohol and more, ‘with over 2,000 separate product lines stocked’.  Weezy sources groceries from ‘independent bakers, butchers and markets, attracting customers with its fresh, localised offerings’, as well as working with wholesalers. Fresh fruit and vegetables account for the most popular categories.

Their current locations are London, Manchester, Salford, Brighton, Hove and Bristol. They deliver to wherever you are – so it doesn’t have to be your home address, you could order to a friend’s house. They claim to be ‘sustainably-minded from delivery right through to packaging’.

What’s also good is that they are not part of the gig economy. They employ staff on shifts and promise staff ‘paid holidays, pensions and opportunities for career advancement’. They say also that everyone at Weezy has worked as a customer delivery representative – even the CEO and COO.

You may be thinking The Chiswick Calendar editor has drunk the Kool-Aid. You may also have noticed that Weezy has taken out advertising on the website. But of all the schemes which people have tried to get us to support, which purport to help local businesses, we think this looks the most promising.

Image: Weezy – grocery deliveries

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