A ‘Sleeping Beauty’ hedge planted beside Chiswick School

A new community hedge has been planted, with more than 500 trees covering a length of 140 metres along Burlington Lane, alongside Chiswick School, opposite Chiswick House and Gardens.

The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ hedge is 50% Hawthorn, with Dog Rose, Field Maple, Guelder Rose, Hornbeam and Wild Privet. Rory Harding led the planting, with support from Karen Liebreich of Abundance London and Steve from London National Park City. The community volunteers were also aided by a couple of guys from Hounslow Highways.

“Abundance London was delighted to collaborate on planting the Sleeping Beauty hedge” says Karen, “filling the substantial gaps in the old hedge along Burlington Lane. Creating what should be a lovely wildlife friendly feature instead of a litter strewn verge”.

That’s if the pupils of Chiswick School can be persuaded to walk round the new plants rather than over them. Whether the hedge is to keep princesses in or princes out, she didn’t say.

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