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Abundance London is a voluntary organisation with charitable aims, founded in 2010 to make the most of Chiswick’s public spaces and to make sure that fruit crops don’t go to waste. Volunteers harvest surplus fruit, organising groups of school children to pick fruit in gardens where the owners have more fruit than they are able to cope with themselves. They plant orchards, hedgerows and trees, working with local schools, volunteers, businesses, community groups and local government.

“We try reconnecting people with nature and protecting it in an urban setting”.

Abundance London has created many beautiful spaces, mainly through planting but also through art. Most notable among the group’s achievements are the Chiswick Timeline mural under the railway bridge at Turnham Green Terrace, the W4th Plinth in the Piazza alongside, and the temporary Butterfly Wall at the police station, as well as small pocket gardens throughout the area.

The organisers put out calls for help when they need volunteers for particular projects. Sign up to their email list through their website for volunteering alerts, but also keep an eye on Twitter. They particularly need volunteers to help keep the little gardens maintained; they create small teams of volunteers who look after a specific garden, keeping it litter-picked, weeded and watered. If you live near one of their little gardens and think you can help, please get in touch.

Contact Abundance London

Email: info@abundancelondon.com
Twitter: AbundanceLondon
Instagram: abundancelondon
Website: abundancelondon

Image above: Abundance London’s ‘Tarmac garden’, so-called because it was created in shallow earth on top of broken tarmac

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