Access to Grove Park during roadworks on A4

Image above: A4 through Chiswick

“Traffic restrictions have been relaxed on certain days to make residents’ lives a bit easier.”

This story has been updated since it was first published

LB Hounslow has said it will relax vehicle restrictions to Grove Park when there are multiple lane closures on the A4 during the summer and autumn roadworks.

Transport for London is carrying out essential maintenance on the Cromwell Rd Railway Bridge on Great West Road (A4) near Harvard Hill from 5 August until December. The works are expected to cause months of traffic congestion and traffic displacement onto other roads in Chiswick.

Cllr Amy Croft, who represents Riverside, told us:

“In recognition that the additional measures by TfL will have an impact on residents, the traffic restrictions have been relaxed on certain days to make residents’ lives a bit easier.”

There will be double lane closures on the A4 between 5 August -15 September and between 17 September – 12 October. From Saturday 6 August until Wednesday 12 October there will be access permitted from the A316 into Staveley Rd and Hartington Rd without permits.

Access will also be relaxed on selective weekends in November and December when there are double lane closures on A4: Saturday 26 November, Saturday 3 December, Saturday 10 December and Sarurday 17 December.

LB Hounslow says:

‘The duration and nature of this measure will be reviewed on a regular basis throughout the duration of the works, and we will reinstate the restrictions earlier than planned, if possible. Any changes will be communicated at the earliest opportunity.’

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Images above:  Access sign on the A316 covered up; access sign by Kew Bridge

Access to Strand on the Green from Kew Bridge remains restricted

Initially it appeared from councillors’ statements that access restrictions to Strand on the Green from Kew Bridge would also be relaxed.

Cllr Gabriella Giles, one of the councillors for the Riverside ward, told The Chiswick Calendar at the end of July:

“Effectively, when the closures to the A4 will be for 24 hrs … access to Hartington Road, Staveley Road and Strand-on-the-Green will be granted, and the measures will be lifted to allow for travel.”

Cllr Katherine Dunne, who is both Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member responsible for traffic and transport issues, reiterated:

“To minimise disruption, the council have agreed that traffic restrictions in the Grove Park area, which include Hartington Road, Strand on the Green and Staveley Road will be lifted during key operational periods of the roadworks.

But when Jefferson Nwokeoma, Assistant Director Traffic, Transport and Parking, issued a notice to residents on 5 August which was posted directly to houses in the area, no mention was made of lifting the restriction at the Kew Bridge end of Strand on the Green.

When a resident wrote to the traffic office to ask about this specifically, they received a reply explaining that:

‘The Strand on the Green Access only restrictions are still in place, with only the restrictions on Hartington Road and Staveley Road being suspended for the purposes of the A4 works.’

U-turn on the exception to the exemption

Initially LB Hounslow informed residents that the restrictions would be lifted from Friday 5 August – Thursday 15 September and from Saturday 17 September – Wednesday 12 October.

The Chiswick Calendar pointed out this left one day – Friday 16 September – when the restrictions would be back in place and residents and their visitors would have to try and remember the exception to the exemption!

Why had they not included Friday 16 September?

“The Council does not need to intervene, as there are no daytime works scheduled for that date.”

Within a couple of days of our newsletter going out they had changed this so the relaxation of the restrictions now runs continuously from the beginning of the lane closures on the A4 on Friday 5 August – Wednesday 12 October, saying:

‘After reviewing the practicalities of activating and deactivating the enforcement cameras within a 24hr period, the Council made the decision to suspend enforcement on the 16th of September.’

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