Access to South Circular from restidential streets blocked


Images above: Workmen blocking off Wellesley Rd; photograph – Michael Robinson

There is no longer access for vehicles onto the South Circular from Wellesley Rd or Stile Hall Gardens. Residents in both roads have campaigned for years to stop through traffic from using their streets as rat runs. The roads were closed to through traffic yesterday (Thursday 4 June).

This motorist appeared not to have noticed either the written signs or the No Entry signs, or maybe they thought they’d they’d get away with it because there aren’t any cameras up there yet.

Image above: Motorist drives through No Entry signs to get on to the South Circular

In Wellesley Rd a huge planter has been put in, physically blocking the way, so motorists will have to take notice.

Image above: Wellesley Rd, where it joins the South Circular

Unlike at Dukes Meadows, where some enterprising motorist has just shifted the barrier out of the way and driven through.

Image above: Dukes Meadows

Maybe these changes will take a little bit of getting used to…

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