Adopt a tree

Abundance London have put out an SOS on behalf of Chiswick’s trees. This has been the driest May for 124 years according to the Met Office and many of the newer trees are suffering. Karen Liebreich says they’ve had a fantastic response since she sent out a mailshot yesterday, with lots of people saying they are happy to help.

Over the past few months 95 new trees have been planted around Chiswick, some much later than they should have been, even up to mid May, so Abundance London it asking that you look at their list, find the nearest tree to where you live and adopt it.

“Otherwise we will simply have 95 new dead trees in Chiswick” says Karen.

A new tree needs two bucketfuls of water every couple of days if it is hot and sunny.

The list has been provided by Hounslow council and Karen has found there are quite a few discrepancies, so please don’t email her to tell her there’s a hornbeam where a maple should be or there’s only one sycamore when the list says two. She probably knows by now, as she’s been fielding such emails all day.

Just take pity on it and water it, whatever it is and remember that all trees are equal under the sun! Here’s the list, whatever its imperfections. Go here and scroll to the bottom of the page to register your adoption.

Image above by Jon Perry