The Aftermath – the movie of the book by Rhidian Brook

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rhidian Brook three years ago during the Chiswick Book Festival. He’s a really interesting writer who lives locally. He’s written for TV drama and for newspapers and a succession of novels have met with huge critical acclaim, including his most recent, published this summer: The Killing of Butterfly Joe. His first novel, The Testimony Of Taliesin Jones (HarperCollins) won three prizes, including the 1997 Somerset Maugham award.

His book The Aftermath, about a woman who goes to join her husband, a British officer, in Hamburg in the aftermath of the war in 1946, has been made into a film produced by Ridley Scott and starring Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård and Jason Clarke. It’s out in cinemas next March and the trailer has just been released.