Age Concern Chiswick to unveil a mural at its Spring Celebration

Image: Members of Age Concern Chiswick designing the mural

Age Concern Chiswick celebrate Spring Celebration with the unveiling of a mosaic mural made by its members

Age Concern Chiswick have announced the date for their Spring Celebration, scheduled for Thursday 6 June at their club premises on Oxford Road North at 1.30.

They will be unveiling a mosaic mural that has been hand-made and personally created by the members of the club themselves. The ceremony will perhaps be the first attended by Hounslow’s new Mayor Karen Smith.

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Artist Kim Porrelli, who specialises in mosaics, has worked with members over the course of several weeks to produce the mural that “encapsulates the ethos of the ACC Friendship Club”, which aims to provide engagement and companionship for older people in Chiswick, Brentford and nearby areas.

The unveiling will be followed by a lunch with the mayor and a singalong with Maria’s Singalong Chorus. Chairman of Age Concern Chiswick, David Lovegrove said:

“It is an honour to have the mayor partake in our celebrations and recognize the contribution of Age Concern Chiswick volunteers and club members who come together to alleviate loneliness and bring a bit of joy into each other’s lives.”