An Abundance of meadow flowers

Come with me to the meadow,
I’ll weave flowers in your hair.
Life is not so important,
To miss what we find there.

Poem by Cecil

Have you noticed the abundance of meadow flowers in Chiswick, springing up in odd patches of previously unloved ground? It’s largely the work of Abundance London and what looks completely natural has in fact been curated.  Jutta Wagner designed the garden at Chiswick Piazza on Turnham Green Terrace, pictured below.

Images above: Wildflower meadow on the Chiswick Piazza; photographs by Barbara Chandler

Once you start noticing, you see little gardens everywhere: on the verges along Sutton Court Rd; by the Town Hall and on Turnham Green; outside the flats on Fauconberg Rd. Though generally the public spaces are looked after by the council’s parks department, where you see a profusion colour, informally planted, it’s usually the result of a dedicated band of Abundance London’s guerilla gardeners.

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