And the winners are …

Turnham Green ward

Conservative candidates Joanna Biddolph, Ron Moshiso and Ranjit Gill are Turnham Green’s new councillors. Their share of the vote dropped since the last elections in 2014, with only 142 votes between Ranjit Gill and Labour’s Peter Burgess.

Joanna Biddolph has lived in Chiswick for 32 years. She is a self-employed reputation crisis management consultant and has previously worked in politics, lobbying and corporate communications and as an occasional journalist. During her campaign she said: “I’m standing out of a sense of frustration” she says. “I’m irritated that Hounslow Council sees us as sources of cash rather than as residents paying for services; services that frequently fall below expectations.”

Ron Moshiso lives “the other side of Chiswick roundabout”, spent his early teens in a foster home in Chiswick and returned to work locally some years later. “As a fostered child, I understand the importance of social care and social services. That is why I am outraged about the current proposals to cut funding for youth services”. He is a PE Teacher at a local school, Head Coach at Old Emanuel Rugby Club and as a former professional rugby player.

Ranjit Gill has lived in the borough of Hounslow for nearly 30 years. As a certified accountant, during his campaign he stressed the need for financial accountability. “We need value for our money and more openness and accountability”… “I would like to make sure that the council is responsible to all the residents in the borough and I would scrutinise whatever needs to be looked at to make sure that we get proper services and everything is accountable”.

Chiswick Homefields ward

Conservative candidates John Todd, Gerald McGregor and Patrick Barr are Homefields ward’s new councillors.

John Todd has lived in Chiswick for 33 years and been councillor for Homefields for the last 12. He campaigned on his reputation as a councillor. During his time as a Councillor he has chaired the Pension Fund Panel and says he has “actively involved myself in Hounslow Council’s Audit Work, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Planning Committee, Chiswick Area Forum and others”… “I’m fortunate to have a reputation of responding promptly to constituents and businesses alike and getting things done”.

Gerald McGregor has been councillor for Homefields for 14 years, specialising in Budget and Finance. He said during his campaign that his career as a chartered accountant had really helped him as a councillor: “I am able to navigate my way through highly complex Council Budget papers and the constant demands of being a Director of Hounslow Homes. The key is to maintain a follow up – whether you are preparing case work responses or scrutinising the decisions of the administration”.

Patrick Barr is a Registered General Nurse and currently works as a nurse in West London. “Previously I was a Charge Nurse in A&E and I still work in A&E as required”. During the campaign it came out that he was also an assessor for the Department of Work and Pensions. He promised to campaign for more GP surgeries locally for a growing and ageing population and said he would hold Hounslow Council to account with the resurfacing of roads and pavements. He promised that if he is elected he would be “a strong advocate for the local community”.

Chiswick Riverside ward

Conservative candidates Sam Hearn, Gabriella Giles and Michael Denniss are Chiswick Riverside ward’s new councillors.

Sam Hearn has lived in Chiswick Riverside Ward for 30 years and represented it as Councillor for ten. He campaigned on his record as councillor: “I have ensured that the voice of local residents has been heard loud and clear on contentious issues such as CPZs and waste recycling. In addition I have successfully resolved a wide range of problems for individual residents. ‘My experience as a qualified accountant and businessman has proved invaluable on a number of key council committees’.

Gabriella Giles is a first time councillor though she has been a party activist for some years. She grew up in Chiswick and came back to live and work here.

Michael Denniss is also a first time councillor. He has lived in Grove Park and Strand on the Green all his life and works as a lawyer. He campaigned on the “adverse consequences” of building Brentford FC’s new stadium and the level of policing in Chiswick, saying he wanted to ensure that “we receive the correct level of policing that we require.”

Southfield ward

Liberal Democrat candidates Andrew Steed, Gary Malcolm and Gary Busuttil all retained their seats to stay as Southfield ward’s councillors, with an increased majority.

Councillor Andrew Steed worked in retail and now works for leading travel publisher. He has lived in the Hounslow part of Chiswick and now lives in Ealing / Acton. First elected 2010.

Councillor Gary Malcolm has been a Lib Dem councillor for 16 years. He lives in Southfield and works as a Senior Analyst for an eCommerce company. His main concern: “fighting to protect our local hospitals”.

Councillor Gary Busuttil has lived in Chiswick for almost ten years, and been a Councillor for almost four. He is half Maltese and currently works as Cabin Crew for a well-known airline. Transport is his passion and he has been campaigning on Piccadilly Line trains to stop at Turnham Green.