Andrea’s Film Club launches

For film lovers who want to talk about the film they’ve just watched

Andrea Carnevali is launching a Film Club for all film lovers who would like to go and see a film and discuss it afterwards.

Andrea, a Bafta wining editor who lives in Chsiwick and writes film reviews for The Chiswick Calendar, says he is setting it up not so much because he works in film but because he is “an absolute film lover, a nerd, a buff. I just love watching films and talking about them.”

“These sessions are not lectures, they are discussions, but ideally I want people to come to the films knowing as little about them as possible, so you have that initial emotional response to the films as you watch them.

“I want to look at all those things you don’t usually think about – why something is done in a certain way, the way it’s shot, the part the music plays.”

The film he has chosen to discuss for the inaugural meeting is The Fabelmans, the autobiographical story by Stephen Spielberg of how a little boy became passionate about film.

“I loved this film, not just for the way it is, for how it looks or how it sounds, but for what it represents. A story about a kid growing up in a crumbling family, completely infatuated by the power of cinema and film making itself, feels very close to home.

“It’s as if Spielberg sat down one day and said: “Let’s make one for Andrea this time”.”

Andrea’s Film Club will take place once a month on the last Tuesday of every month.

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Club Card offer – free tickets to tonight’s screening

Adult tickets to see a film at Chiswick Cinema are usually £16 for non members. The Cinema will offer five free tickets to subscribers to The Chiswick Calendar for each of the monthly club screenings.

For a free ticket to tonight’s Film Club (Tuesday 31 January), email and tell us the name of the actress who plays Spielberg’s mother in the film. The first five correct entries win the tickets. We will let you and the cinema know the names of the winners, so you can just turn up and flash your Club Card to pick up your ticket.

Tonight’s Film Club screening is at 6.15pm.

Chiswick Cinema routinely offers Club Card holders 10% off food and drink on weekdays before 5pm. No further discounts apply (ie. there is no extra discount for pre-existing members or on pre-existing deals).

If you do not have a Club Card, sign up to our weekly newsletter here, tell us you would like to receive a Club Card and we will post you one.

You can also book tickets for tonight’s screening here –

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