Andrea’s film review – Bones and All

Bones and All ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review by Andrea Carnevali

Maren, a young woman, learns how to survive on the margins of society. Out in cinemas 23 November.

It won’t take you long to work out that this is not your average love story between two lost souls who find each other in the most desperate time (though to a degree, the film is also about that).

There’s something darker lurking behind the scenes. Within the first few minutes Bones and All reveals itself to be brutal, bloody and gory and though some of the most shocking moments are all very brief and mostly happen off screen (aided by some quite uncomfortable and very effective sound design), there’s no denying that their effect is over lasting in the viewers’ memory.

It is a film about cannibals after all (yes, you heard me right), and yet behind the unsettling atmosphere and the pure horror (because let’s face it, this is what this film is), there is also some deep tenderness and sweetness that goes well beyond that of the human flesh.

What makes Bones and All work so well is that it’s a touching love story (though a rather unorthodox one) as well as a veiled social commentary on outcast people and drug addiction.

Unsurprisingly Timothée Chamalet is as magnetic as ever, but when he turns on his charm to pick up his victims, he is also chilling and diabolical. Here he is once again paired with Italian director Luca Guadagnino, after their previous collaboration on Call Me By Your Name. That breakout role won him an Oscar-nominated and launched him to stardom. He truly is the best actor of his generation.

In contrast to his exuberant charisma, Taylor Russell (also incredibly good) is quiet and restrained as she tries to grapple with both fear and confusion for her unspeakable ‘eating disorder’.

It is by no means a perfect film, it’s too long and I often had the feeling that I had seen a lot of it before. Arguably I watch a lot of films… but it reminded me of the first film by Kathryn Bigelow, Near Dark, though that one was about vampires instead of cannibals.

But the two leads and the rest of the cast (Mark Rylance for example is so creepy!!) are all so strong that they carry the film and suddenly make you care about… cannibals. I do wonder if I would have liked it as much without Chamalet and Russell.

Andrea Carnevali is a Bafta winning film maker who lives in Chiswick, and a co-creator of the Chiswick In Film festival.

Bones and All  is on in cinemas from 23 November.

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