Andrea’s film review – Night Sky

Night Sky ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2  Review by Andrea Carnevali

Veteran actors JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek play Irene and Franklin York, a long-married couple who harbor a science-fiction mystery in their shed. Available to watch on Prime.

Irene and Franklin York are one of the sweetest and most adorable old couples you’ll ever meet. They’ve been married for ages, they know each other inside out and they try to live their lives in peace and harmony. But underneath they’re still grieving from the loss their son 30 years earlier.

The Yorks have also a secret. Hidden away under their shed, there is a secret portal to another world… a sort of viewing chamber overlooking a desolate planet with a skyline as beautiful as unreal and otherworldly. It is here that the couple found refuge and comfort from the grief caused by the loss of their child. “Let’s go and watch the stars” they tell each other before sneaking out at night and sitting down to enjoy the view holding each other hands.

There’s hardly a sweeter image than that in any sci-fi I’ve seen.

J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek are absolutely wonderful in this and their presence alone elevates the whole series. If they don’t shower them with awards there is no justice in the world.

Indeed Night Sky at its best is a poignant love story. A look at old age and mortality with a sci-fi twist to it. It is charming, sweet and heart-warming the way sci-fi stories are usually not and it reminded me a bit Cocoon, from the ‘80s, which also dealt with the same issues.

The pace is slow and peaceful, just like the lives of the couple on the screen and I probably could have watched that till the end and have been happy with it.

However, rather frustratingly, that’s not all. There’s a whole mystery at play too. In fact more than one. A mysterious young man appearing out of nowhere, an Argentinian mother and daughter somehow connected to all this, a nosy neighbour and secret societies planning something fishy.

Some of that is intriguing enough, but the truth is that whenever the story veers away from the old couple, the series suffers.

Night Sky tries a bit too hard to create a whole conspiracy of people, which actually is not as interesting as it thinks it is. In fact I really wanted it to be simpler, because that’s when it really shines for me.

Most disappointing of all is the last episode, which not only leaves many strands open for a second season, but weirdly it seems to rush to wrap up certain plotlines in the most idiotic way (which is particularly unforgiveable since the pace was so slow throughout).

If only they could find a way to tighten things up a bit and balance the splendid emotional parts with the mystery underneath, they could have a cracking season 2.

Andrea Carnevali is a Bafta winning film maker who lives in Chiswick

Night Sky is available to watch on Prime.

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