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Upload ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Review by Andrea Carnevali

A man is able to choose his own afterlife after his untimely death, by having his consciousness uploaded into a virtual world. As he gets used to his new life and befriends his angel (real world handler), questions about his death arise. Available to watch on Prime.

The first season of Upload, created by Emmy-winning writer Greg Daniels (the brain behind the American version of The Office, Parks and Recreation), was one of the most enjoyable series I saw last year.

On the surface it looked very silly, and probably some of it was, but in fact it was a lot smarter than it looked and often surprisingly poignant. Its fast pace and the fact that most of the episodes were under 30 minutes made it the perfect bingeable guilty pleasure during lockdown. I remember watching it all in a weekend and loving it.

Weaving some of the dark elements from things like Black Mirror but also those laugh-out-loud comedy bits from The Good Place, Upload is set in a near-future where it is possible to upload yourself into a virtual afterlife once you’re dead.

The result was a thoughtful and at times inspired satire about life and death, relationships, capitalism and our obsession with technology. A series which wasn’t afraid to pull extreme punches while at the same time never lost sight of how silly it is.

Season two, which has just been released on Amazon Prime, is shorter and hasn’t quite got the edge or the sparkle from the first one, preferring instead to focus more on developing some of the characters and the various plotlines.

Whist it still makes some interesting statements about class divide, it often feels rushed and more superficial than it was last year, lacking in some of the thrills which made it season one so addictive.

Having said that, the chemistry between the characters is as palpable as ever, the jokes still come thick and fast and overall it is still a wildly entertaining TV series.

The intriguing cliffhanger at the end will make you wish season three could come out tomorrow.

Andrea Carnevali is a Bafta winning film maker who lives in Chiswick.

Upload is available to watch on Prime.

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