Antonio Forcione & Adriano Adewale – Jazz at George IV review

Adriano Adewale (L) & Antonio Forcione (R)

World music / original music

Jazz at George IV regulars were treated to something quite different on Thursday (23 November). Once a year for the past two years we have been lucky that Antonio Forcione has been at home in Chiswick long enough to give us a concert. The multi-award-winning acoustic guitarist has played once on his own and once with fellow Italian Giulio Romano, who plays here regularly with Trio Manouche.  This time Antonio was playing with percussionist Adriano Adewale from Brazil, so the concert had a totally different flavour.

Antonio can play anything – it might be flamenco, it might be Stevie Wonder or the Beatles, all in his own inimitable style. He is charismatic, a showman, a comedian, but this time it was all about the music. We were in for an hour and a half of sensational instrumentalism, with tumbling sequences, joyous rhythms and surprising sounds that transported us to Spain, Cuba and Zimbabwe.

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Adriano is also known for his unconventional and exploratory approach to music. The two of them travel the world, picking up musical influences and blending them into their music, creating atmospheres and soundscapes rather than just tunes.

Adriano Adewale & Antonio Forcione on stage at the Boston Room of George IV

Antonio and Adriano produced the album Joy with Senegalese Kora player Seckou Keita, which won  the 2019 Global Music Awards Best Album. They pinched the Moroccan rug from the bar to give Adriano’s percussion instruments (most of which I couldn’t put a name to) their proper resonance, setting the scene for  some sensational world music.

In the absence of Seckou Keita, Antonio made his guitar sound somehow like a Kora when required, while Adriano added vocal percussion to his array of instruments, with clicks and sounds like bird calls, in a fabulous blend of sounds which just washed over their very appreciative audience.

Antonio is now off on his travels again, playing a concert in Istanbul on Thursday with Turkish guitarist Cenk Erdoğan, while Adriano’s next gig is in London at the Wigmore Hall on Saturday 2 December – a family concert recommended for families with children aged 7 – 11.

Find out more about where they are playing and how to download their albums here:  /  /

Photographs by Anna Kusnt

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