Appeal for information after dog attack on Ravenscourt Park

Image above: Romena Fogliati & her dog Mike

A woman from Chiswick is appealing for information after being referred to a plastic surgeon following a vicious dog attack in Ravenscourt park on Sunday, 17 October.

Romena Fogliati, who lives in east Chiswick, sustained injuries to her hand when she was trying to separate her dog from the attacking dog, which was not on a leash. Her hand was so badly wounded she feared she may lose part of a finger.

At around 3.00 pm, as she was walking towards the basketball courts, Romena passed in front of the area of the park which is reserved for dogs with her son and his friend, her mother and her dog, Mike.

The unleashed dog, which she describes as a black and white mixed breed, escaped the area and ran towards Mike, grabbing him by the neck and shaking him. The dog’s owners were an elderly couple. The woman tried to separate the animals, but it was apparent that she wasn’t strong enough to pull her dog off by herself. Her partner, says Romena, just looked on, apparently unfazed by what was happening.

Attacking dog’s owner “looked on and did not intervene”

Romena told The Chiswick Calendar she pleaded with the man to help but he didn’t.

“When I saw that I thought, my dog is going to be killed!” Romena told me.

“He’s a small dog, he’s a cockapoo. So I got involved I tried to take the dog anyhow. Me, my mum and the other woman were all on the floor, like a proper fight, trying to contain the dog. Then I pulled his back legs and he released my dog.”

Romena went to check to see if Mike had been injured, which is when she noticed her own finger was throbbing and bleeding. She has lost part of the skin around her nail and has been referred to a plastic surgeon.

“I still have my finger, but I had to have a minor surgery. I had to take out the fingernail and I’m taking antibiotics for seven days. I’ve also been referred to the plastic surgery, for trauma, because it could affect my nerve and I use this finger especially to control my equipment for work.”

Mike’s injuries were not life-threatening, he only has some minor swelling.

Images above: Romena’s injury prior to treatment, Romena’s bandaged finger

Appeal to public for information

As she was too concerned with her own injuries and the welfare of her own dog, Romena did not exchange contact details with the owners of the attacking dog.

One of the owners, the elderly woman, apologised to Romena’s mother but the man remained impassive and said nothing. As Romena tried to contain the bleeding, keep her dog ​​safe and reassure the children the owners walked away.

“I don’t know [whether they knew I was injured] but I did scream “Ow! My hand!” but as I turned around and saw to my dog they were just calmly walking away” said Romena.

Since the attack the police have been informed, as well as Hammersmith & Fulham council. Romena is asking anyone who might have seen the incident or  any information about the owners on social media if anyone has information about the owners or witnessed the attack to get in touch.

“I think it was mixed breed. It was a small dog, but it’s jaw was really big perhaps it was a mixture with a Pitbull or something. Its jaw had white fur.”

Romena described the elderly couple as a “really tall man with a beret” and the woman as having grey hair.

You can contact Romena at:

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