Application for German sausage stall in Chiswick High Rd turned down

Images above: Photographs of the area where the stall would have been, submitted by Hitesh Lakhani as part of the application

An application to set up a stall on Chiswick High Rd selling burgers and German sausages has been turned down by the Licensing Panel of LB Hounslow.

Mr Hitesh Lakhani of Fine Street Events Ltd applied for a licence for a stall outside Barclays Bank at 153 Chiswick High Road, selling German food, sausages, chips and burgers every day of the week from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Chair of the Licensing Committee, Cllr Richard Foote, told The Chiswick Calendar his application had been turned down on the grounds that particles of grease and fat in the air from the cooking  might damage the surface of the bronze of the statue of William Hogarth, which would have been near the stall.

Val Bott, Chairman of the William Hogarth Trust, which commissioned the statue of Hogarth and his pet dog Trump, had written to the Licensing Panel to say:

‘Our conservator advises that there is likely to a build-up of grease on the statue which could in the long term combine with traffic pollution from the busy High Road (especially the sulphur dioxide) to etch the surface of the bronze’.

The Panel also turned down the application, Cllr Foote said, because of concerns expressed by the manager of Barclays Bank. Dacsha Panchal, Manager of the Chiswick branch, objected to the application because she said the stall would ‘very likely cause disruption’ for the bank.

‘The queuing system for the stall causes great concern as it will result in the entrance to the bank being blocked, causing disruption to those wanting to enter or leave the bank’ she wrote in her submission to the Licencing Panel.

‘If both the bank and the stall were operating with queues at the same time this would make it impossible to carry out social distancing and is likely to discourage vulnerable members of society from accessing essential services’.

Images above: Statue of the artist William Hogarth and his dog Trump

William Hogarth Trust “pleased and relieved”

Val Bott said:

“I am pleased that we don’t have the risk (of fat damaging the statue) and relieved”.

She said she was not against the business idea of itself, merely the location.

‘Incompatible with the nature of the area’

LB Hounslow’s Licencing Panel received 20 representations objecting to the stall. The Thornton-Mayfield Residents’ Association objected because:

‘A hot-dog and burger stall is inappropriate for a position so close to a much loved and admired heritage statue such as that of our local and national artist William Hogarth. This type of stall is incompatible with the conservation nature of the area.

‘It would be quite incongruous to look along popular community street Turnham Green Terrace and see, across Chiswick High Road – instead of a pleasant view of greenery and the Statue with its ancient railings – a sausage stall’.

Other objections were on the grounds that there are already several other food takeaway businesses near the site and it would be unfair to them as they have to pay rents and rates. Some of the objections also mentioned the smell of food being cooked and the likelihood of litter.

Cllr Foote said Mr Lakhani would be able to reapply to have the stall in a different place, but he would have to start the application process again from scratch.

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