Appreciation for Busby’s Pharmacy

With all the clapping for the NHS and carers, it’s easy to forget that pharmacists are also on the frontline of dealing with health issues and are even more vital now it’s much harder to get to see a doctor. Sue Birch, the local pharmacist at Busby’s in Grove Park has received a shower of praise over the past couple of days for her and her staff, not just from people living in Grove Park, but from Kew, west Chiswick and even from Ireland!

Joanna Lovatt started the ball rolling:

‘Sue and all the lovely staff at Busby’s are just as much a part of the amazing people working on the front line to keep others safe. Having served the area for decades, Sue and many others have soothed our fears, listening to me as a blubbering wreck when concerned with children’s health.

‘Even before the pandemic lockdown, Sue was frequently working very long hours in the night to keep up with work so that she can serve us with all we need. Her philosophy means that she will go out of her way to help others, will listen patiently as we explain our ills and seems to have a photographic memory of all the people who come and use the shop. Sarha, Kinga, Rob and the rest of the team are equally deserving of our thanks, as much as so many others. Very privileged to have them as part of our community. Thank you!’

Since she posted that comment on Next Door yesterday there have been 45 more comments endorsing her appreciation. Here is a small sample:

Steve Turner, Grove Park

A wonderful shop with staff who show great care and attention.

Sue Hearn, Grove Park

Hear hear Jo – and I am amazed that she stays so calm and reassuring. Hats off to Sue and the staff!

Jennifer Jenks, Grove Park

I agree.  We should all be grateful to Sue and the rest of the team.  It’s always a pleasure to go there

Claudia Baker from West Chiswick 

Absolutely agree. Sue is an amazing woman, always happy to advise with personal health problems. Wonderful sense of humour and so wise and kind.  Rob and the ladies contribute magnificently to the superb Busby team.

Diane Murphy, Kew Bridge

Yes I agree sue and the team are wonderful and so kind and caring. Thank you everyone at Busby’s for carrying on during this unpredictable time and always. Diane xx

Silvia Vázquez

I agree with you 100%. We spent 9 wonderful years in Chiswick and they were always a big help, with a smile and a nice word. Thank you very much from Ireland!

Joanna Lovatt reported back that

‘Sue has had a chance to read everyone’s comments and been very touched by how many people replied. Just as they deserve. Humbling xx’