Natalia Bobrova

About Natalia Bobrova

Natalia studied History of Art at the Moscow State Pedagogical University and Oil Painting at Ann Arbor Art School in the USA. In London, Natalia became a member of the Chiswick Artists at Home group in 2010 and exhibits every year through local exhibitions and London Art Fair.

She has two distinctive styles in her artwork. The first, with the bright, vivid, contrasting colours, provides expressive paintings of floral landscapes in Britain, France and Italy.

“These works are largely inspired by my travels. They are distinguished by bright palettes and energetic brush strokes. I apply thick layers of paint to give them a sense of texture.”

On the other hand, the use of subtle palettes in paintings of river views and Hammersmith bridge create a tranquil atmosphere and depth.

As the impressionists of the early 20th century, I took inspiration from London fog, which is one of my favorite subjects. In many of my paintings, mist pervades the landscape and the bridge almost disappears or stands out as an evasive ghost. But each of the paintings hides a human presence: a light from a boat, a figure passing the bridge, a gaslight.”

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