Artists at Home 2024: Potter Nupur Narain Detar

Images: Nupur Detar, ceramic leaf plates

Nupur Narain Detar joins Artists At Home 2024

Artists at Home 2024 takes place in just over a month’s time, between Friday 14 and Sunday 16 June, when around 100 local artists will be opening their homes to invite visitors in to see their work.

From painters to sculptors, photographers to ceramicists, the event offers art enthusiasts the opportunity to explore a diverse range of artistic talents within their own neighbourhood.

This year, ceramist Nupur Narain Detar is making her debut, where she will be showcasing her beautiful handmade ceramics.

Nupur originally studyied interior design and was introduced to ceramics in Malta. She says she has never looked back since. Her main influences are her Indian heritage, exposure to world cultures and nature.

Nupur’s husband is American diplomat, which means they have both lived in 13 countries over last thirty years. Nupur’s ceramics are hand-crafted and many are inspired by all of the different countries and cultures where she and her husband have lived.

“It’s kind of been tough because every two to three years you have to pack up and start again, reinvent yourself” Nupur told me, “I’ve done many things over the years but I think pottery has been my favourite thing.”

Her pieces range from bowls and plates to vases and various other decorative ornaments, with majority of her creations being stone wear and porcelain.

Images: Collage of a selection of Nupur’s ceramics, a porcelain leaf dish

Ceramics inspired by cultures and nature from around the world

Describing her aesthetic and creative process as ‘very organic, constantly evolving’, Nupur says she loves freedom that hand building offers to make unique, functional yet free form, food safe ceramics.

“Every culture has a history of pottery, so it’s all kind of mixed up. A lot of is inspired by nature, a lot of leaves and natural colour.”

As self-trained ceramist who didn’t study at art school, and with a graduate degree in interior design, Nupur said she decided to become a participant in Artists At Home after being a spectator. Nupur fell in love with the concept of artists opening up their homes and studios to the public.

“I’m a little bit nervous frankly”, she said, having only been to the event once before. “I hope viewers will like what I really enjoys, but I’m still nervous!

“When I have something in mind I see something, I put it into my notebook but when I come to the studio and start working with clay it turns into completely different thing… There are so many ideas in my head that I can hardly keep up, every day there’s something different.”

Despite this, her work has a clear theme, with imperfect shapes and organic materials coming up consistently. Nupur admits she dislikes “perfectly round or perfectly square” shapes, and her pieces exude character.

Image: Studio 60 is on the corner of Grove Park Terrance and Fauconberg Road

Where to find Nupur

You can find Nupur at Studio 60, on the Corner of Grove Park Terrace and Fauconberg Road.

See more of Nupurs work at