Artists make themselves At Home at Chiswick Cinema

Image above: Members of Artists At Home celebrating the opening of their new mini gallery

Celebrating the opening of a new mini gallery

Artists At Home, the collective of local artists who open their homes to the public each summer, now have a new showcase for their work.

Chiswick Cinema has refurbished the dark recess in the foyer with new lighting to illuminate the work of Artists At Home members. The display will feature a different artist every six weeks, starting with the work of Louise Richards.

Artists At Home have a website where all the current members’ work is displayed, but it is difficult to get a feel for how a picture might actually look in your home unless you see hanging on a wall.  They already have a gallery at the Hogarth Club, where the members’ work is shown in rotation. Now Chiswick Cinema will do the same.

Images above: Paintings by Louise Richards, Salome Gallan, Kit Line, Sophie Ashdown Coady, Henrietta Parsons, Kathryn Davey, AJ Ashdown Coady, Carol Tait, Sonja Kennedy

The schedule for the coming year

Artists whose work will be shown throughout 2024 are:

Louise Richards until 9 January 2024

Salome Gallan, 10 January – 20 February

Kit Line, 21 February – 2 April

Sophie Ashdown Coady, 3 April – 14 May

Henrietta Parsons, 15 May – 25 June

Kathryn Davey, 26 June – 6 August

AJ Ashdown Coady, 7 August – 24 September

Carol Tait, 18 September – 29 October

Sonja Kennedy, 30 October – 10 December

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