Asahi bring production of Meantime and Dark Star beers to Griffin Brewery

Image above: Fullers, Griffin Brewery

Asahi consolidates brewing in Chiswick

The global drinks company Asahi has announced their plans to bring the production of Meantime and Dark Star beers to the Griffin brewery in Chiswick. The site at Chiswick Mall, beside the A4, has brewed beer since the seventeenth century, and it continues to be the home of Fuller’s beers.

Under the new proposal, all Meantime and Dark Star products will be brewed, packaged, and distributed from the Chiswick site alongside the existing production of the complete Fuller’s beer portfolio.

Asahi say: “The addition of Meantime and Dark Star to the site will be mutually beneficial to both the Chiswick site and all the brands produced there. As well as leveraging extensive in-house brewing expertise and capabilities, across an expansive range of beer styles, the proposed move helps support a commitment to the growth potential of Asahi’s full UK beer brand portfolio – by creating more efficient, sustainable operations, with a solid foundation for future innovation and investment.

“Continuing to drive and support the success of these brands, Meantime and Dark Star beers will continue to deliver the great standards consumers expect and will retain their own unique brand identities, separate to the Fuller’s range currently produced on-site in Chiswick.”

As part of the proposal, the intention is for Meantime to also retain a footprint in its original home of Greenwich. Plans are underway for the creation of a new stand alone ‘consumer retail experience’, including the continuation of some brewing.

They also say: “Asahi is committed to treating all colleagues impacted by this proposal with compassion and respect. Asahi has now commenced a consultation process, and supporting colleagues through this is its immediate priority.”