Attempted mugging reported in Sutton Court Rd

Image above: Sutton Court Rd, Google Street view

A Chiswick Calendar reader has written to us to warn others after his experience on Monday 31 August on Sutton Court Rd. He gave us his name, but we have opted not to publish it.

He says he was approached by two men in motorcycle gear who threatened to shoot him.

‘Please ask readers to be vigilant !’

‘Tonight I have been approached by two moped riders dressed in black as I walked up Sutton Court road south. Both mounted the curb after asking for the time, then proceeded to threaten to ‘shoot me’ if I did not comply with them.

‘I was able to walk into the road and flag down a lone passing car. After which they both rode off toward Chiswick National railway station.

‘During this time where people are staying indoors and socialising less, I urge those in the area to be aware of their surroundings and themselves.

‘Times are tough and only getting tougher, and although this may have been your run of the mill failed mugging attempt, I fear that people are resorting to more drastic measures during these times’.

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