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The runner’s dilemma – where to run during a pandemic

Twice now, a local runner has made national news after an altercation with a Covid marshal. The first, Mark Meghezzi was fined for spitting when he was running in Chiswick High Rd. (He said he hadn’t). The second, Gary Purnell, videoed his exchange with a marshal on the walkway beside the river at Hammersmith after […]

Thank You NHS

During the first lockdown period, Keith Richards started writing the My Corona blog for The Chiswick Calendar – a mix of his observations from his daily constitutionals and the quiet enjoyment of his record collection. Since then he has continued to document the every day occurrences of this most peculiar time. These are the hands That […]

Julia Fullerton-Batten: Contortion

Image above: Julia Fullerton-Batten Julia Fullerton-Batten is a worldwide acclaimed and award winning Fine Art photographer who uses photography as a means of story telling. Julia’s use of unusual locations, highly creative settings, street-cast models, accented with cinematic lighting are hallmarks of her very distinctive style of photography. She lives in Bedford Park, where many […]

How to end a perfect year

Our reaction to news of the pandemic, individually, varies from denial and complacency at one end of the spectrum, to anxiety and extreme caution at the other. Julian Worricker, BBC broadcaster and journalist and resident of Chiswick, is at the cautious end. He has psoriatic arthritis and takes the immuno-suppressant drug adalimumab to combat inflammation […]

Dog or husband? Brexit quandaries

Image above: Angela and Jim at their home near Carcassonne Angela Corden and her husband Jim live part of the year in Chiswick and part in France. Howard, their dog, has an EU pet passport, but in the fevered pre-Christmas days of the EU trade negotiations, the all consuming question was: would Howard have to […]

Putting the cheese back in Cheesewick

The Cookbook Kitchen has put in an application to run a cheese market on the third Sunday of each month in Chiswick High Rd, where the Chiswick Flower Market takes place in the Old Market Place outside the police station. Lucy Cufflin, one of the organisers, explains what they have in mind. Chiswick is Cheesewick […]

On the trail of Christmas presents in Chiswick

By Barbara Chandler The prezzie pressure is building up and it’s lovely, safest and most convenient to buy local. No problem here, as Chiswick is five-star for gifts. Over the weekend I did some feisty footwork on your behalf – and came back with a couple of carrier bags myself, which is about par for […]

Mind Matters – Bullying and what to do about it

Be clear about what is and what is not bullying Research shows that one in every two people are affected by bullying. It is something that people still find very hard to discuss. Research, information, education in schools, employer advice, safety online, children, adults and the elderly are all areas and people where there is […]

A new recruit enjoys her first day out with the RNLI

There is an initiation rite apparently. But it’s not as bad as you might think. Chiswick’s Lifeboat station relies on volunteers, as does the whole of the RNLI, as they receive no government funding. Georgie Cannock, 18, had her first day out on the river as an RNLI volunteer last week, and they haven’t put […]

Will I ever get to travel again?

The experience of this year has had many of us asking that question. We have become used to going online and booking anything from a weekend at an airbnb in Brighton to a safari in the Serengeti and it came as a rude shock to find that all of a sudden we couldn’t. John Haycock […]

Mind Matters – The rush to judge

Beings, being in lockdown As we come to the end of the first week in lockdown my work as a psychotherapist reminds me that no two people’s experience is ever the same. We might have one pandemic, one set of guidelines, one US election but how everyone feels about them is unique and people are […]

Lockdown things to do – Mark 2

We’re a bit more prepared for lockdown this time. The flowering of online offerings of plays and readings, ballet and music performances that sprang up over the summer has burgeoned into a multifarious online festival of the arts. Pam O’Toole has been looking to see what there is.  Image above: Andrew Lincoln to star as […]

Fireworks: Sound and Fury Across The Pond

Guest blog by Madeleine Royal Madeleine is an American married to an Englishman, who has lived in Chiswick for several years, as well as spending time in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, where she grew up. Image above: Celebrations outside the White House in Washington DC “It feels like liberation” I called my sister, […]

Thanks, Your Majesty!

Her Majesty the Queen passed through Chiswick last week. The royal cavalcade is not an uncommon sight in Chiswick, but this time the motorcycle outriders and blue flashing lights were to no avail. Reportedly, she sat in traffic like the rest of us. Journalist Julia Langdon chooses to see this as a deliberate act of solidarity […]

Stealing Dan & Don review

Images above: Stealing Dan & Don, Steely Dan tribute duo; Steely Dan LP cover for Pretzel Logic Review of Stealing Dan & Don, Jazz at George IV, Thursday 22 October by Keith Richards One of the genuine bug-bears of the various Covid restrictions has been the loss of live music so it was such a […]

House sales up 26%

Images above: Julian Masson, Associate Head of Sales, John D Wood & Co; Four bedroom house currently for sale on Wavendon Avenue Over the past few months understandably there has been a lot of speculation and uncertainty surrounding the property market. What I can say is that since returning from the lockdown period, we witnessed […]

Chiswick Confined – again 

Keith Richards, writer and resident of Chiswick, documented the first Corona lock down, living on his own, in a weekly blog from 24 March to 7 July called Chiswick Confined – My Corona. Then he was free to roam at will and the blog mutated into Chiswick Unbound. Now it’s reverted to Chiswick Confined, at least […]

Play Scrabble with a friend

Guest blog by Julia Langdon Nigella has produced a new cookbook. Ali Smith has written and published another novel. Others have written operas and poems and life plans. The creativity of this most extraordinary year has been remarkable. Me? I’m still getting round to clearing out the cupboard under the kitchen sink. But I do […]

Mind Matters – A pandemic of anxiety

Why don’t we hear talk about stress? I’ve noticed that as news intensifies around COVID-19 infections, Brexit, Climate Change and the US election all the media channels are intensifying focus on mental health. I wonder whether this might be because those working in the media might be struggling themselves or whether this is entirely directed […]

Three Little Words

A short story by John Haycock The radio went on as usual just before 6:30am on a dull Friday, no light in the sky as yet. It was, in fact, just over a dozen days to go to 31 December. “. . . and finally, our tip for today comes from Southwell, the last race […]

Mind Matters – The importance of boundaries

How can the psychological concept of “boundaries” help us through the COVID-19 pandemic? I think there is much confusion about the concept of boundaries – it is a shame that they have become associated only with difficult and abusive behaviours, used as a judgement or a criticism and so not always thought about as a […]

Oodles of Poodles at Chiswick Auctions

Images above: Staffordshire poodles from the collection of Mrs Patricia Rose Included in Chiswick Auctions Interiors, Homes and Antiques sale on 30 September is a large private collection of 19th century Staffordshire poodles. They belonged to internationally renowned breeder of Miradel poodles, Mrs Patricia Rose of the miniature Poodle Club of Great Britain. The history […]

Trials without juries?

The Coronavirus pandemic has led the Government to consider doing away with jury trials. According to the Times, ‘sources’ suggest the Ministry of Justice in considering bringing in a law when Parliament reconvenes next month that would allow Judge only trials ‘in some circumstances’. The change is being considered as a solution to the huge […]