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Play Scrabble with a friend

Guest blog by Julia Langdon Nigella has produced a new cookbook. Ali Smith has written and published another novel. Others have written operas and poems and life plans. The creativity of this most extraordinary year has been remarkable. Me? I’m still getting round to clearing out the cupboard under the kitchen sink. But I do […]

Mind Matters – A pandemic of anxiety

Why don’t we hear talk about stress? I’ve noticed that as news intensifies around COVID-19 infections, Brexit, Climate Change and the US election all the media channels are intensifying focus on mental health. I wonder whether this might be because those working in the media might be struggling themselves or whether this is entirely directed […]

Three Little Words

A short story by John Haycock The radio went on as usual just before 6:30am on a dull Friday, no light in the sky as yet. It was, in fact, just over a dozen days to go to 31 December. “. . . and finally, our tip for today comes from Southwell, the last race […]

Mind Matters – The importance of boundaries

How can the psychological concept of “boundaries” help us through the COVID-19 pandemic? I think there is much confusion about the concept of boundaries – it is a shame that they have become associated only with difficult and abusive behaviours, used as a judgement or a criticism and so not always thought about as a […]

Oodles of Poodles at Chiswick Auctions

Images above: Staffordshire poodles from the collection of Mrs Patricia Rose Included in Chiswick Auctions Interiors, Homes and Antiques sale on 30 September is a large private collection of 19th century Staffordshire poodles. They belonged to internationally renowned breeder of Miradel poodles, Mrs Patricia Rose of the miniature Poodle Club of Great Britain. The history […]

Trials without juries?

The Coronavirus pandemic has led the Government to consider doing away with jury trials. According to the Times, ‘sources’ suggest the Ministry of Justice in considering bringing in a law when Parliament reconvenes next month that would allow Judge only trials ‘in some circumstances’. The change is being considered as a solution to the huge […]

Mind Matters – Back to school with a difference?

There has been much in the media about the impact on the mental health of children and young people as a result of the pandemic, lock down and schools being closed. This week the news has focused on GCSE, A level and college results. There continues to be much criticism of the government’s handling of […]

A Postcard from Bristol

Keith Richards, writer and resident of Chiswick, documented his Corona lock down, living on his own, in a weekly blog from 24 March to 7 July called Chiswick Confined – My Corona. Now he’s free to roam at will, the blog has mutated into Chiswick Unbound. Chiswick Unbound No. 4 “And I went down to the demonstration […]

How’s the High Rd faring, post lockdown?

Image above: One way to ensure social distancing. Photograph Barbara Chandler Barbara Chandler takes a walk along Chiswick High Rd to see how it’s doing How’s the High Road faring, post lockdown? I was there at the weekend, including a charity shop crawl with my granddaughter, and popped back on Monday on a couple of […]

“I can’t live in Hounslow”!

In the July 1 issue of The Times, Hilary Rose wrote that her online house hunting had led her to discover a place called Chiswick in the borough of Hounslow, the mention of which, she said, prompted declarations of horror and peals of laughter from friends. In a thinly veiled request to be sent property […]

Mind Matters – Coming out of lockdown

The last four months have been a huge challenge for everyone and we wanted to find more ways to offer support and give information on psychological wellbeing to our community. We are delighted to have been able to team up with The Chiswick Calendar who we think do such a great job of resonating with […]

Street Cat

Guest blog by Julia Langdon The trouble with most cats is that they are greedy, indolent and utterly egotistical. They demand impatiently to be fed, according to a strict timetable of their own devising, just in order to go and lie down somewhere in cushioned comfort, preferably in the sun. After some languid attention to […]

End of an era: Fuller’s “Brewery Tap” closes

Fuller’s has confirmed to The Chiswick Calendar that the Mawson Arms, by Hogarth roundabout, will not be reopening and the building will be sold. One loyal customer, who frequented the pub with her husband over many years and got to know the staff well, was Pam O’Toole, who makes this tribute to one of Chiswick’s […]

Where to buy paint in Chiswick

Images above: Criag & Rose ‘Rust effect’; Craig & Rose ‘Metallic effect’ Chiswick’s Paint People by Barbara Chandler; @sunnygran Word has it that the trade is running out of paint cans, such has been the surge in DIY during lockdown. Well, don’t panic – Chiswick has got a surprisingly large number of paint shops with […]

Chiswick Confined – My Corona blog Week 14

Keith Richards, writer and resident of Chiswick, living on his own, has been writing a diary of his Corona lock down. Beginning on 24 March, he’s documenting the experience from his last pint in a pub onwards. Day 91 – Tuesday 23rd June 2020 “In the midst of each epoch, I fully realize that a […]

Design by appointment at Neptune

By Barbara Chandler @Sunnygran Neptune – an interiors brand whose first product was a hammock made by founders John Sims-Hilditch and Giles Redman in 1996 – is now a nationwide chain, which encompasses most everything for the home from candles and cushions to paint, lighting, furniture, upholstery, beds and even a complete kitchen. Of their […]

Under 30s are a car-free zone

Images above: Grove Park Rd in spring; Cameron Kerr By Cameron Kerr Residents are losing their minds over a ‘car-free Chiswick’, but for some under 30s, that’s the norm. In case you missed it: Covid 19 turned TfL’s motto from ‘every journey matters’ to ‘are you sure your journey really matters?’. Because a Boris Bus […]

15 June Shops reopen

“It’s Chiswick, innit?” On the day lockdown lifts for non-essential shops, Barbara Chandler takes a stroll along the High Road “Is the High Street busier than usual?” I asked the guy on the flower stall on the High Road. “Of course it is!” he said cheerily, and possibly a little optimistically. “It’s Chiswick, innit?” This […]

Chiswick Confined – My Corona blog Week 13

Keith Richards, writer and resident of Chiswick, living on his own, has been writing a diary of his Corona lock down. Beginning on 24 March, he’s documenting the experience from his last pint in a pub onwards. Image above: Landscape as seen from Keith’s balcony, with Grenfell Tower in the centre Day 82  – Weekend […]

“Sofa distancing” at Sofa Workshop

By Barbara Chandler @Sunnygran Sofa Workshop is pretty prominent on Chiswick High Road, with a long, low façade adjacent to Barclays Bank. Last Friday, they re-opened after lockdown (but see note * below). “People keep popping in to say how much they’ve missed us,” says store manager Melissa Fernandes. In fact it’s best to make […]

Bedford Park Online Festival

By Torin Douglas When it became clear that the COVID-19 lockdown meant Chiswick’s annual Green Days weekend and Bedford Park Festival could not take place in their usual form, Bridget Osborne and I put our heads together. Surely we could rescue some of it online? The Chiswick Calendar had organised the Photographic Exhibition last year, […]

Shoppers discover loyalty to local traders

By Barbara Chandler, @sunnygran Here’s some good news (at last) for shops in Chiswick and elsewhere hit hard by Covid-19. Research by international analysts GlobalData reveals that one in three British consumers will now visit local shops more frequently than they did before the crisis. And the reason? A renewed sense of community. “The covid-19 […]

Radical plans for south Chiswick

By Michael Robinson If you sit and have coffee outside The Coffee Traveller on Thames Rd, you quickly notice how many lorries and large vans there are bumping along the residential road with its small rank of shops, post office, primary school and riverside pubs. Over 70% of traffic entering Hartington Road from the A316 […]

How to demonstrate a power shower with no water?

Tap into luxury by Barbara Chandler, @sunnygran Chiswick’s C.P. Hart bathroom showroom is open again, but by appointment – and the summer sale is in full swing with up to 50 per cent off. This is a well-respected brand dating back to 1937, when Charles Percival Hart, working with his sons Tom and John, kitted […]

How to spot a suffragette in the family

Professional genealogist Gill Thomas on how to get the best out of a Census Gill Thomas is a professional genealogist who has worked on events such as the Who Do You Think You Are? exhibition, helping the public with queries about how to trace their family history. Like the rest of the world, she’s taken her […]

Heal’s reopens

By Barbara Chandler, @sunnygran Bargains at the ready! Monday 1 June Heal’s Chiswick Outlet store re-opened, along with the brand’s prestigious flagship on Tottenham Court Road, and its other shops in Westfield, Kingston, Brighton and West Yorkshire. It’s a bit puzzling, as we’re being told continuously that all non-essential stores are due to start trading […]