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Ruth Cadbury MP reacts to Labour split.

Statement by Ruth Cadbury “I am deeply saddened that eight of my colleagues have decided to leave the Labour Party. I feel first it is important to say that I do not intend to leave the party. Having been elected as a Labour MP, I will continue to represent this constituency, and promote Labour values and […]

Heathrow Consultation – campaigners’ response

Guest blog by Chiswick Against the Third Runway The latest consultation on the new proposals for Heathrow airport have caused concern for CHATR (Chiswick Against the Third Runway) and the Bedford Park Society. They are urging local residents to submit their views to create an impact in influencing proposals, which they claim will have dramatic […]

What have Ward Forums ever done for us?

Guest blog by Gary Busuttil Back in December Liberal Democrat Councillors in Ealing uncovered plans to cut the funding for Ward Forums as part of the councils budget strategy for 2019/2020. It seems inconceivable to do away with Ward Forums at a time when there is a crisis in democracy. Many residents believe they’re not […]

Pigs in the Park

Guest blog by Steve Anderson We celebrate Chinese New Year – the Year of the Pig, by bringing you news of two local celebrity pigs who live locally and help fertilise BBC Today’s John Humphrys’ garden. Start spreading the news – what is the X-factor fertiliser revolutionising many a Chiswick garden and allotment? The answer: […]

Winter Running – how to stay motivated

Guest blog by Jacquie Millett and Camilla Langlands So you have promised yourself that in 2019 you are going to start running to get fit, lose weight, complete a challenge or perhaps just to try something new. Maybe you were inspired by watching the athletics on television, or the coverage of the London Marathon or […]

Diary of a ‘rebel’ MP

Guest blog by Ruth Cadbury Well December was certainly dramatic! With the Government being held in contempt of Parliament, Theresa May bottling the vote on the Withdrawal deal while just about avoiding a leadership battle, and a day of really important news being (conveniently?) overshadowed by an overblown row as to what Jeremy Corbyn may […]

Is now the right time to sell your house?

Guest blog by James Waight Welcome to our first Chiswick property market update. This is an overview of what we are currently experiencing in the local market. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the numerous negative headlines relating to the London property market, we have had an extremely encouraging few months leading up to Christmas. […]

Tips when buying art for a present

Guest blog by Alice Sheridan One of the joys of my ‘job’ as an artist is seeing people fall in love with art and deciding they want a painting which they can enjoy forever. But it’s not always so straightforward. If there are two of you, you have each other’s taste to take into account, or […]

Not prepared to be a “passive citizen” any more

Guest blog by Jack Harries My name is Jack Harries. I’m a 25 year old living in London and I grew up in Chiswick. As a documentary filmmaker focusing on issues around Climate Change I’ve had the chance to travel to Greenland to document glacial retreat, to Somaliland to cover drought and recently to the […]

Making a difference

Guest blog by Karen Liebreich MBE Abundance London is trying to fight off the despair engendered by the steady drip of catastrophic environmental news (12 years before climate change reaches the point of no return, 60% of global wildlife liquidated over the last few decades, climate extremes in the UK commonplace, air toxicity at illegal […]

Budget not enough to undo the damage

Guest blog by Ruth Cadbury MP I want to focus on what this government has done to the children in these families and particularly those who need additional help. The Chancellor hardly mentioned children in his speech. What we need is a budget that works for them, not a government which is driving an economy that means their […]

A Night with Rob Sprackling

Guest blog by Barry Johns Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a talk at The Chiswick Calendar’s Media Club by Rob Sprackling, writer of Gnomeo and Juliet, Mike Bassett: England Manager, and the eagerly awaited The Queen’s Corgi. Add to that the fact that he is currently writing the feature screenplay for his […]

The Prudential Ride London, or The Joy of Cycling in a Wet Nappy

Guest blog by Rosie Leyden Six weeks of beautiful sunshine and hot weather. Perfect weather for me to do the Prudential Ride London 46-mile bike ride on Sunday 29th. What could go wrong? Well, the weather could change dramatically, and it did. The 100-mile ride goes from the Olympic Village across London, over Chiswick Bridge, […]

‘Cancel the rest of your life’ new councillors told

Guest blog by Cllr Joanna Biddolph “What’s your office like? Have you set it up yet?” asked a resident not long after the election. My answer surprised him. Councillors don’t have their own offices. We do have a group office – an odd cobbling together of spaces that lead into each other haphazardly, one a […]

My campaign to improve air quality in Chiswick

Guest blog by Mat Smith Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mat, I’m a millennial, and I live in Chiswick. I plan to see Chiswick into the 2080s. Given my age, health, and family history, it’s not an unreasonable expectation to be alive in 2080, but why Chiswick? Let me explain. I live with my […]

Ten years of the Chiswick Book Festival

For several years, I had discussed launching a Book Festival with Father Kevin Morris, the vicar of St Michael & All Angels. It couldn’t be that hard, we thought! The Bedford Park Festival – Chiswick’s biggest community event – provided a good model. We had the venues – the church and the parish halls. We […]

March for A People’s Vote on the final Brexit Deal

Guest blog by Diane Chandler On Saturday, I and my family joined thousands of people in Parliament Square after the march along Whitehall. A multitude of voices calling for A People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. The afternoon was balmy, the atmosphere lively, the placards imaginative. And, as my fifteen-year-old daughter pointed out, masses […]

“High-handed” Ealing council sparks angry protests

Guest Blog by Cllr Gary Busuttil The Local Elections like all elections is not just to create local governments, it’s to elect a plausible opposition, and to hold officers and other Councillors for shoddy policy and bad behaviour to account. Now the Local Elections have been and gone, Labour remain the dominant party here in […]

Chiswick Curve Public Inquiry: Calling All Residents

Guest blog by Marie Rabouhans As you will be aware, the developer of the Chiswick Curve is appealing against the London Borough of Hounslow’s Refusal of the 32-storey building and the media screens. The Appeal will be the subject of a Public Inquiry to be held in June. If, like me, you love living in […]

Guerilla Gardening awards

Guest blog by Karen Liebreich MBE In 2016 Abundance London decided to create an award for the person or group that had done most to improve or create an unofficial garden around the Chiswick area. “Guerrilla gardening” includes tree pits, small dilapidated areas, and also gardens where the local community has asked permission from the […]

A cycle through Southfield

The local elections reconfirmed Southfield ward in the London Borough of Ealing as a Lib Dem stronghold – the only one as it happens in Chiswick or in Ealing. As the dust settles it’s business as usual for the three Southfield councillors. Guest blog by Cllr Andrew Steed Ten days ago my colleagues Gary Busuttil, […]

Out with the old, in with the new

Six new Chiswick councillors are starting work this week: Joanna Biddolph, Ron Mushiso and Ranjit Gill in Turnham Green ward, Gabriella Giles and Michael Denniss in Chiswick Riverside and Patrick Barr in Chiswick Homefields. It’s all very well talking the talk in an election campaign, but can they walk the walk? Looking back over all those […]

Leader of Labour councillors defends record

Leader of Labour councillors defends record Guest blog by Steve Curran Cllr Hearn’s article on Hounslow Council displays the usual Tory trick of distorting the facts for their own political benefit. There are numerous inaccuracies. Labour has secured 3000 new affordable homes, including 400 council homes ahead of schedule during the current administration and building […]

Chiswick’s Suffragettes

Guest Blog by John H Grigg February is the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, which enabled all men and some women over the age of 30 to vote for the first time. John H Grigg looks at the part suffragettes in West London played in the struggle. In the early […]

New singers welcome at Addison Jazz Choirs

Guest blog by Viv Graves of Addison Jazz Do you love singing? If your New Years’ resolution is to enjoy doing more of what you love, then joining your local community choir could be just the ticket. The Addison Singers, established in West London over 30 years ago is a charitable, non-profit organisation and home […]

Get out of your cars and pedal your bikes!

Guest blog by Ruth Mayorcas Even small increases in physical activity among those who are the least active can bring great health benefits. As the former Chief Medical Officer noted: “The potential benefits of physical activity to health are huge. If medication existed which had a similar effect, it would be regarded as a ‘wonder […]