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Mind Matters – New year but old patterns of negative thinking?

Rather than write about new year resolutions I’ve decided to write about what usually prevents them from being achieved – negative thinking. Everytime you see a news article about COVID do you think about it in terms of what it suggests might go badly as opposed to what might improve? When the phone rings unexpectedly […]

Mind Matters – Lost and found

In something lost, something is found and in something found something is lost. I don’t know about you but the extent to which the last couple of years and the pandemic appear to have accelerated changes to how I live my life reveals itself to me at the most unexpected times and in unexpected ways. […]

Mind Matters – The ‘kind’ communication that really isn’t kind at all!

Since the pandemic I’ve noticed an explosion of public communications that I’m not sure never existed before. Alongside public communications that give straightforward instructions such as ‘Mind the gap between the train and the platform’, ‘Hold the handrail’ I have noticed signs saying things like ‘Be Kind’, ‘Please show respect to each other when travelling’, […]

Mind Matters – Mental health: nature or nurture?

This is a question which is probably as old as humanity itself but first credited to psychologist Sir Francis Galton in 1869. Ever since, many studies have been conducted, trying to discover the reasons behind the most common mental health problems. The appliance of scientific study to human behaviours generally serves only to raise more […]

Mind Matters – Knowing when to give up

Image above: American athlete Simone Biles Coverage of the mental health of Olympians raises the question ‘should you push on through or step back?’ One of the differences about the Tokyo Olympics seems to be the increased focus on mental health. Sports psychology is nothing new but it seems that the decisions of athletes and […]

Mind Matters – Being able to talk about trauma

The word trauma is one that is being increasingly used, understood but also misunderstood. Often there is something really powerful when someone realises that the feelings they are struggling with are those of feeling traumatised. Once identified it is possible to find a way forward. In this blog post we look at trauma, ASD – […]

Mind Matters – Talking about vaccine hesitancy?

Local news reports show that Hounslow has been recording higher than average COVID infections whilst vaccine rates have been lagging, so “vaccine hesitancy” is something coming up in many conversations. It is only natural that many of these may feel uncomfortable – so I am being asked about how to approach these situations. And of […]

Mind Matters – Recognise your vulnerability to stress

Feeling the pressure to get back to “normal”? Recognising our vulnerability to stress is essential. One way of getting a sense of how you are doing might be to pay attention to your feelings and thoughts as you read this post. Under pressure we tend to have less patience, want quick answers, feel irritated and […]

Mind Matters – How do you deal with disappointment?

As we get used to the fact that we are not yet free of COVID-19’s restrictions it may be worth taking a moment to think about the feeling of disappointment. Disappointment is a feeling that becomes more and more familiar to us as we get older, we learn that disappointment is a natural part of […]

Mind Matters – Can we change our lives in just a second?

It seems that as we emerge from the various lockdown restrictions many people are finding themselves struggling to adjust, with accounts of relationships under strain, unhealthy patterns of behaviour around food, alcohol or other substances, anxiety disorders and anger management problems. But times of change can also bring opportunities for us to change in positive […]

Mind Matters – How are things in the world of you?

It’s spring, more restrictions are lifting and there is a sense of things improving or moving in the right direction – yes? Mental health awareness week brought a raft of news items; most of which brought concerning news about the impacts of the pandemic on psychological wellbeing across society. I will save you the details […]

Mind Matters – Don’t let it stress you out…

Too stressed to notice that April was Stress Awareness Month? April was Stress Awareness Month and yet with so many stressors in our lives at the moment I think we can be forgiven for not being aware of it? However, I have been thinking about how many of our clients are routinely impacted on stress that comes […]

Mind Matters – Fear of re-entry

Return to new normal can bring “re-entry fear” and anxiety People have been talking to us about the feelings related to the easing of lockdown restrictions, some feel hopeful and excited whilst others stressed and nervous. A number of articles have been written recently talking about “Re-entry Fear / Anxiety”. Whilst this term sounds like […]

Mind Matters – time for a psychological spring clean

Spring cleaning for psychological wellbeing and your relationships Having marked the first day of spring, with positive news on the vaccine rollout and with COVID restrictions set to ease further on the 29th March, now is an ideal time for a spring clean both in the traditional way but also for psychological wellbeing and our […]

Mind Matters – Looking out for young people

Recently there have been many news articles quoting research that paints a grim picture of the impact of the pandemic on our young people. Teenage years are supposed to be ones of awakening potential, of moving towards greater freedom, enjoying independence and testing boundaries. Of course the pandemic, the many restrictions and breaks in routines […]

Mind Matters – Bullying and what to do about it

Be clear about what is and what is not bullying Research shows that one in every two people are affected by bullying. It is something that people still find very hard to discuss. Research, information, education in schools, employer advice, safety online, children, adults and the elderly are all areas and people where there is […]

Mind Matters – The rush to judge

Beings, being in lockdown As we come to the end of the first week in lockdown my work as a psychotherapist reminds me that no two people’s experience is ever the same. We might have one pandemic, one set of guidelines, one US election but how everyone feels about them is unique and people are […]

Mind Matters – Back where we started?

Do you sometimes feel as though nothing has changed since the first wave of COVID-19? People are talking with me about how they are feeling the same as they did during the first wave and they keep having thoughts that we are back where we were six months ago. The result of this being they […]

Mind Matters – A pandemic of anxiety

Why don’t we hear talk about stress? I’ve noticed that as news intensifies around COVID-19 infections, Brexit, Climate Change and the US election all the media channels are intensifying focus on mental health. I wonder whether this might be because those working in the media might be struggling themselves or whether this is entirely directed […]

Mind Matters – The importance of boundaries

How can the psychological concept of “boundaries” help us through the COVID-19 pandemic? I think there is much confusion about the concept of boundaries – it is a shame that they have become associated only with difficult and abusive behaviours, used as a judgement or a criticism and so not always thought about as a […]

Mind Matters – Why the boa constrictor?

Did you read about the abandoned 5ft snake in Chiswick? One of the most popular stories of the last couple of weeks has been about the large boa constrictor that was spotted and captured by the RSPCA in Chiswick. (chiswickcalendar.co.uk/abandoned-5ft-snake). As a psychotherapist it naturally interests me as to what captures peoples attention and the […]

Mind Matters – Back to school with a difference?

There has been much in the media about the impact on the mental health of children and young people as a result of the pandemic, lock down and schools being closed. This week the news has focused on GCSE, A level and college results. There continues to be much criticism of the government’s handling of […]

Mind Matters – Coming out of lockdown

The last four months have been a huge challenge for everyone and we wanted to find more ways to offer support and give information on psychological wellbeing to our community. We are delighted to have been able to team up with The Chiswick Calendar who we think do such a great job of resonating with […]