Bedford Park Festival Summer Exhibition 2020

The Summer Exhibition is now live! View it here

The Bedford Park Festival Summer Exhibition of art work will take place entirely online this year. You will be able to see photographs of all the art on The Chiswick Calendar website. Not quite the same as seeing it up close and personal, but as the coronavirus has put paid to events like that for this summer, it’s better than nothing! The pictures will be on display on The Chiswick Calendar from the evening of Friday 13 June – Sunday 28 June, the duration of what would have been the Bedford Park Festival.

The Coronavirus epidemic has kiboshed the Bedford Park Festival along with every other event this summer, but it has also meant that the need to raise money for the festival’s charities is greater than ever, so while there won’t be concerts and events in the normal way, there will be some elements of the festival, including some new ideas for events, taking place online.

Image above – one of Francis Bowyer’s paintings from the 2019 exhibition

Images above: Last year’s exhibition – photograph by Jim Cox; ‘Cotillion’ by Caroline Whitehead, which won the ‘visitors choice’ award for the exhibition visitors’ favourite work last year

Buy some original art and support local charities

The art work in the Summer Exhibition is for sale, with a third of the proceeds going to St Michael & All Angels Church charities, including the Upper Room which provides support for homeless people.

The Summer exhibition is open to artists, professional and amateur, of all ages, who live in West London, or have a connection with the Bedford Park Festival. Please submit a digital image of your artwork, providing the information outlined below.

Images above – one of Jim Cox’s paintings from the 2019 exhibition; Grey Ring with Pebbles by Claire Ireland from last year’s exhibition


The Summer Exhibition has only two categories – adult and 16 & under

How to enter

  1. Email us

To submit an artwork please email a digital image of your work to Bridget Osborne, editor of The Chiswick Calendar, and and Miriam Morris, organiser of the Summer Exhibition, at these addresses: and with the following details:

  • Name
  • Address (including post code) (for our use only, will not appear on the site)
  • Telephone number (for our use only, will not appear on the site)
  • Title of the artwork
  • Medium
  • Size
  • Whether it is framed or unframed
  • If it is a print, how many copies are available (see terms and conditions below)
  • Price (all work must be for sale)
  • Age if you are 16 or under
  • Digital image of your artwork (see details below)

Last date for entries, midnight on Wednesday 10 June.

  1. Digital images

Don’t worry about the size, as long as the photograph is above 100kb. We are happy to resize larger images to make them suitable for the website.

We Transfer

It may be easier to send the photographs separately by We Transfer, especially if they are quite high resolution.

If you’ve not used We Transfer before, it is free and very simple to use. Just go to the We Transfer website – and enter the following information:

Email to:

Your email – Add your own email address

Message – Add a message: Joe Bloggs’ photographs for the Bedford Park Festival competition

Add Your Files

Click on the + sign. Find the photograph you want to submit on your computer, select it and click Open. When you’ve added all the photographs you’re entering the competition, hit Transfer.

  1. Terms and conditions

Artists can only submit one work of art this year.

We will exhibit all artwork which is submitted as long as the digital images are of good enough quality and the subject matter is suitable for general viewing.

All artwork must be original and by the artist.  We do not accept reproductions.

We do accept original prints, created by the artist, and in limited, signed and numbered editions.

We do accept three-dimensional work.

All work must be for sale, and a third of the proceeds from the sales will go towards the Festival charities.

Because the public will only see digital images of the artwork this year, it is very important that you provide details of the medium, size and whether the artwork if =s framed or unframed.

In submitting your work you agree that we may display your artwork on The Chiswick Calendar, and we may sell the work on your behalf and donate a third of the proceeds to Festival charities.

Images above: one of Martin Wharmby’s images from 2019; ‘Heavy-Headed Tulips’ by Glynis Porter from the 2019 exhibition