The Natural World

As part of the Bedford Park Festival, every year there is a photography competition, sponsored by Snappy Snaps Chiswick and The Chiswick Calendar. The competition is open to all; the entry fees go to charity. For the first time in 2019 the entries are also available to see on our website. These are the entries in the Natural World category. (Hover your mouse over each photograph to see the number).

  1. Anna Kunst; 2. Anna Kunst; 3. Anna Kunst; 4. Anna Kunst; 5. Catherine Day; 6. Catherine Day; 7. Catherine Day; 8. Catherine Day; 9. Catherine Day; 10. Catherine Day; 11. Catherine Day; 12. Catherine Day; 13. Jon Perry; 14. Jon Perry; 15. Mark Lawson; 16. Ray Marsh; 17. Ian Mumby; 18. Jacinta Cook; 19. Jacinta Cook; 20. James Mumby; 21. Jennifer Griffiths; 22. Jennifer Griffiths; 23. Paul Franklin; 24. Petya Nikiforova; 25. Roger de Montfort. 26. Sheena Napier; 27. Sheena Napier; 28. Sheena Napier; 29.Sheena Napier.

Copyright belongs to the photographers. If you would like permission to reuse any of these photographs or are interested in buying any, please contact and we will put you in touch with the owner of the photograph.

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See a profile of competition judge Richard Bradbury here.