Bedford Park Festival Photography Competition 2020 – Winners


This is the winning picture of the 2020 Bedford Park Festival Photography Competition: Dream by Martha Vine, who entered in the 16 and Under category.

Judge Julia Fullerton-Batten, an award-winning professional Fine Art photographer whose work is shown in magazines and exhibitions around the world, had this to say about the photograph she picked as the winner.

“This image really stands out. Amazing that it was shot by someone under 16.
I love the textures that give a very contemporary but also timeless look.
The girl appears doll-like, her face hidden by the ferns. It’s a playful image.
It piques curiosity – what is she doing there?
Is it a game of hide-and-seek but the searcher hiding from those she seeks.
But the title Dream intrigues me… could she be sleep walking?

I love it in black and white but also wonder what it looks like in colour!”


In second place, Alexandra Sharp.

“I think this image was taken in Richmond Park.
The light is beautiful, there appears to be a mist in the air or perhaps the sun has created that wonderful effect.
Seeing a real stag is always a magical moment for me.
He is the king of the forest and the protector of all creatures, an animal of power, it represents nonetheless sensitivity and gentleness.
This really comes across in this image. He looks as though he is in charge of the deer in the background and best not to mess with him.

Very powerful image, well done!”


In third place, Natalia Bobrova.

“I could look at this image for a long time.
The light is stunning and the reflection of the setting sun on the waters of the Thames is painterly to the extreme.

It reminds me of the French master artist Claude Lorrain, who very often used monochrome watercolour wash, often with brown tones”.

Highly Commended

Highly commended – Guy Ducker, who entered in the Chiswick Life category.

“I am only supposed to choose three images, but I am moved to add this one as highly commended.

I am in love with the way the light kisses the statue creating an interesting shadow pattern which raises the image to a different level that it would otherwise have been.

A great capture!”

Category Winners

While the overall competition winners are selected by a professional photographer, the winner in each category is chosen by public vote. See the 2020 winners for each category below.

The Bedford Park Festival Photography Competition and Exhibition usually takes place in the Parish Hall of St Michael & All Angels Church, Bath Rd over the opening weekend of the festival. In 2019 the photographs were also shown on The Chiswick Calendar so people could appreciate them more widely and for longer. This year they have only been available to view on The Chsiwick Calendar, as the whole festival has become an online event, due to the coronavirus.

The Chiswick Calendar and Snappy Snaps are co-sponsors of the competition. The winners will receive vouchers from Snappy Snaps Chiswick for printing and framing. Category winners and overall runners up will receive Snappy Snaps print and framing vouchers to the value of £100. Overall winner Martha Vine will receive a custom framing voucher valued at £250.

Portraits & People

The winning photograph for the Portraits & People section is the photo of the lady walking in the rain, titled Trafalgar Rain taken by Anna Kunst.

Chiswick Life

Winner in the Chiswick Life section was Neville Forrest’s beautiful image of the rainbow over Chiswick House.


The winning image in the Animals category was this picture of a leopard against a black backdrop, titled Leopardo by Anna Kunst.

The Natural World

Winner in the Natural World category was James Yates’ photograph of a wood pigeon amongst delightfully vibrant trees, simply titled Wood Pigeon.

Landscapes & Seascapes

The winning image in Landscapes & Seascapes was Jennifer Griffiths’ clean and elegant pictures of bails of hay littering a scenic field.

The Built Environment

The winning photograph for the Built Environment Category is Anna Kunst’s City Sunset.


Winner in the Serendipity category of the humorous and bizarre was James Yates’ photograph Red Deer & Jackdaw.

Young Persons

Martha Vine wins the Young Persons category with her photograph, titled Persephone, demonstrating a fantastic use of contrast and balanced colours.

More Info

You can see all the photographs entered in each of the categories here.

Copyright belongs to the photographers. If you would like permission to reuse any of these photographs or are interested in buying any, please contact and we will put you in touch with the owner of the photograph.

Read more about judge and fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten here