B&I Conservative chair joins People’s Vote

Chairman of the Brentford & Isleworth Conservative party Julian Tanner has just joined the People’s Vote. The Conservative party locally are quite quiet on Brexit because they are also split, but he’s supported a second referendum for some time. 

Sports presenter Gabby Logan tweeted in August:  “Like a lot of us I am desperate for facts and clarity. As a mum and as a citizen I’m getting more and more worried about the way Brexit is going. So my family and I are backing #PeoplesVote on the final deal. The country has to have chance to speak”.

Julian responded “Absolutely right Gabby. This matters for our children”. In June he tweeted “What we need is a second referendum”. On November 16 he tweeted: “Check out People’s Vote. I just joined”.

It should be said of course that the Lib Dem party (all of it) is in favour of a People’s Vote and have been united on that stance pretty consistently. It seems to me that our traditional party system doesn’t serve us best in this situation. We need a clear choice between pro and anti Europe.