Boris ‘reckless and un-prime ministerial’

Sonia Purnell, who lives locally and who wrote the biography of Boris Johnson Just Boris: A Tale of Blond Ambition told me she considers his use of language, using words like ‘surrender’ and ‘collaborator’ be be “incendiary, reckless and un-prime-ministerial.”

“It’s hard to imagine how a prime minister could behave worse” she said.

Sonia used to share an office with Boris in Brussels, just the two of them together, when they were both reporting on the EU for the Telegraph. She recently told Sky News:

“When he’s under pressure, when things aren’t going his way, when he thinks he’s being slighted or contained in any way, he does have this ferocious temper. The first thing you notice is that his eyes kind of narrow and his face changes colour and it it is quite an intense, quite an aggressive temper. I used to feel quite uncomfortable being a woman on my own. It wasn’t physically threatening but it was intimidating”.

Asked whether she was frightened of him she said: “I was a bit frightened of him, yes”.

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