Boy detained in young offenders institution for tripping and killing 62-year old man in west London

Image above: Jerald Netto was described as “a good soul”

17-year-old given a 24 month detention and training order

A teenager from west London who tripped and pushed a 62-year-old man to the ground resulting in his death from a brain injury and heart attack, has been detained in a young offenders institution after confessing to manslaughter.

The incident, which occurred in Hanwell in 2023, involved the then 16-year-old boy causing the death of Jerald Netto.

Now aged 17, he has been given a 24-month detention and training order.

Family members of Mr Netto expressed their dissatisfaction at the sentencing, feeling they had not received adequate justice.

During sentencing at the Old Bailey, Judge Rebecca Trowler KC emphasised the gravity of the offence, stating “custody was the only option”.  The boy will spend 12 months in a young offenders’ institution followed by 12 months of community supervision.

Judge Trowler added Mr Netto was “entirely blameless” in the incident and his death had “caused unthinkable pain and sorrow to those who loved him”.

Mr Netto’s daughter Jennifer has started an online petition advocating for stricter bail conditions for young offenders, after the boy breached his bail conditions but was merely sent back home after being recalled to court.

“The message being sent to the youth is that they can act with impunity, that it is excusable and acceptable to be the cause of a person’s death,” she said.

In his defence, the court heard that the boy, whose identity remains protected due to his age, was immature and had special educational needs. He expressed remorse during a police interview, stating he had no intention of causing harm or killing Mr Netto.

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