Today, the Club took a big step forward in reducing our plastic waste by introducing reusable bottles for every member of coaching and playing staff at our Jersey Road Training Ground.

In line with Sky Ocean Rescue and the EFL’s commitment to improving our impact on the environment, we have joined the fight to #PassOnPlastic by stopping the use of plastic water bottles at our training base in Osterley.

The new season saw a raft of new innovations and equipment upgrades, designed to continue a culture of innovation and creativity across all departments at the Club. Among these was a commitment to eradicate single-use plastic from day to day use at the training ground.

Medical Department Staff Member Chris Domoney was tasked with setting up the project and spoke as the new bottles were introduced to everyone on site.

“Co-Director of Football Phil Giles asked me to drive the removal of single-use plastic at Jersey Road and thus began a quite long process of getting an alternative in place,” said Chris.

“Over the course of a single season we estimate we used 20,000 plastic bottles, adding up to 304kg of plastic waste.

“After exhaustive research we have installed three Pure Water stations around the site, which provide filtered and mineral-enhanced chilled water from our regular mains supply.

“The drive towards a plastic-free environment is also being reflected in excellent work being done by Chef Joe O’Neil and the team around the catering department. The environmental and economic benefits are long term, but we are also striving to introduce the project at other Club sites and the new stadium.

“We are indebted to brand leaders Chilly’s for supplying the bottles, as well as Hawker Softeners and Kinetico for suppling and fitting the filtration equipment.”