Survey finds Brentford fans are biggest drinkers and drug takers in Premier League

Image above: Brentford Community Stadium

43% of fans said they binge drink, while 63% admitted to taking illegal drugs

Brentford FC fans are the biggest drinkers and drug takers among the clubs competing in the Premier League, according to the results of recent survey.

For many football fans, having a drink is an integral part of watching their team in action. A Canadian gambling website, OnlineGambling, sought to find which set of supporters in England drank the most.

They claim to have surveyed 2,000 Premier League fans across 20 clubs to find out how many enjoy a drinking binge on matchday. A ‘drinking binge’ is defined as five pints or more by the NHS. Researchers also asked fans to admit if they took any illicit recreational drugs.

The results found that 41% of Brentford fans surveyed enjoyed a drink on match days, while a whopping 63% admitted to taking drugs.

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are well ahead when it comes to serious drinking around a football match. Some 30% admitted to binge-drinking on game day, with even more confessing to illicit drug use whereas a far lower proportion of Gen Z, teenagers and under 25s admitted to indulging. Only 10% admitted to drinking and 7% to taking drugs.

A spokesperson for Brentford FC told The Chiswick Calendar:

“While it’s a fun story, we won’t be commenting on it as we have no idea how robust the research is and if it is accurate.”

A spokesperson for the Premier League also said:

“That is not something we would comment on.”

Image above: data on binge drinking and drug taking among Premier League fans from OnlineGambling

Police take tougher approach to fans taking class A drugs at matches

New rules were introduced in May to tackle drug taking at matches. The rules, which will be introduced in time for the next football season, could see anyone convicted or selling or taking class A drugs such as cocaine at matches facing a five year ban.

Police applied to extend football bans to drug takers last year after England supporters were filmed openly snorting white powder at Wembley during the Euro 2020 final. A report into violence at the final between England and Italy described “ticketless, drunken and drugged-up thugs” storming the stadium.

Those convicted of drug-related offences may also have to surrender their passports when their team plays abroad.

Image above: Brentford FC fans (Photo: Liz Verscoe)

Brentford FC at the top of the League for fan engagement

In a separate survey, Brentford FC ranked highest in the Premier League in a matchday fan experience survey for the 2021/22 season.

Fans from all Premier League clubs were involved in a survey, which took place between November 2021 and January 2022. Over 30,000 fans across the league completed questions on topics ranging from how the club is run, to the matchday atmosphere, quality of facilities, staff and communication.

More than 1,500 Brentford fans completed the survey.

There were a number of measures on which Brentford has the best ratings in the Premier League, including the overall matchday experience, how welcome fans are made to feel on entering the Brentford Community Stadium, the toilet facilities, the family-friendly environment, and the attitude and performance of club staff in general.

Jon Varney, Chief Executive of Brentford FC said in February:

“We are really pleased and proud of these results. It has been a monumental effort for us to adjust to life in the Premier League and to fully open our new stadium to our fans. Our staff have worked so hard, so I want to thank them for contributing to this. It’s been a real team effort across every department.

Image above: Brentford FC

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