Builders Breakfast

Members of the Hounslow Cycling Campaign gave breakfast to the road workers who are creating the new Cycleway 9 junction and the north end of Kew Bridge on Saturday morning.

About 20 local residents turned up to offer egg and bacon rolls and coffee to the slightly bemused road crew on their breakfast break, among them Brentford councillors Guy Lambert and Katherine Dunne and keen cyclist, broadcaster Jeremy Vine.

The workers are building protected cycle lanes at the junction with improved pedestrian facilities, including a new pedestrian crossing by Kew Bridge Station. The work started before Christmas and is expected to continue until April.

Michael Robinson, borough co-ordinator for Hounslow Cycling, denied it was a PR stunt meant as a deliberate provocation to those who oppose the cycle lane. It was purely to thank the road crew for making improvements to the area, he told me.

“The South Circular and Kew Bridge junction are currently dominated by motor traffic and are hostile and intimidating to people on bikes and on foot. 

“We thought it would be a good idea to thank them”.