Image above: Computer generated image of a two metre model of Chiswick House made from Lego bricks

Buy a Lego brick to support Chiswick House

Chiswick House Friends have come up with a novel and creative way of supporting the fundraising campaign launched by Chiswick House on Friday 22 May 2020.

The Gardens, which see thousands of people and their dogs exercising daily, are expensive to maintain. The Chiswick House & Gardens Trust receives grants from the London Borough of Hounslow and English Heritage, but this only covers 25% of the everyday running costs of the estate. The rest they raise by renting out the grounds for commercial events such as the Chinese Lantern Festival and weddings.

Lost income due to the coronavirus epidemic has resulted in a shortfall of £500,000, even after many of the team have been furloughed and costs have been cut wherever possible. They need to raise £1,000 a day every day between Friday 22 May and the end of September.

Chiswick House Friends will be building Lego models of Chiswick House, adding a brick each time someone makes a donation. They are aiming to make three models.

They would like people to make donations to ‘buy’ Lego bricks to make these two metre models of Chiswick House, which will be built brick-by-brick as you donate, and they will post daily videos of how the models are coming along.

Once the lockdown is relaxed, they will be displayed in the House café and completed by local school children.

Go HERE to donate

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